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Hi, Beautiful! Are you interested in growing a profitable + soul-aligned business?

I'm Kc! A Business & Certified Mindset Coach who helps ambitious female solopreneurs who are on a mission to serve 
scale successful and sustainable businesses.

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“Before enrolling, my main stumbling block was technology. I also needed more clarity about my ideal client and what kind of work I wanted to be my focus. After the coaching experience with Kc, I’ve expanded my comfort with technology (and although I still don’t feel entirely technically proficient), I have developed enough comfort to create what I need for my practice. I’ve also recognized patterns of thinking about sales and teaching that had previously limited me. I’m now working to replace those with a new mindset that allows me to serve my clients more deeply. In addition to launching a new brand and website, during our time together I enrolled 3 new clients, booked 4 speaking gigs, created and sold my first live masterclass, and developed my first online course! All of this development has helped me clarify and communicate the core of my desired business. Kc is a deep listener, always supportive and responsive. She would always honor how I wanted to spend time in our sessions, yet also gave gentle but clear nudges about things I needed to pay attention to. I would definitely recommend Kc - her process provides structure, support, and insight that creates momentum and confidence. Her wrap-around services make the process manageable so you can avoid overwhelm and focus on the pieces that feel most important to you.” 

Business is in my DNA

I've been an entrepreneur since I was 10 years old serving my community as the town nanny. From there, I started my first corporation at age 19 and grew that business to 7+ figures with my bestie.

Now I get to mentor women who have a strong desire to incorporate their core values into their work so they can feel awesome about how they are showing up in the world + make an abundant living in the process.

Through smart business strategies including creating online courses, my clients appreciate building a business around their life vs. the other way around!

Being a lover of all things holistic drives me to address the mind, body, and spirit when it comes to joyful entrepreneurship.

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Kc Rossi | Business & Certified Mindset Coach

To me, business is a spiritual journey - one that requires you to dig deep, overcome fears, and stand up for what you believe in.

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Andrea Butje, Renowed Aromatherapy Educator | Author

"When hiring a business coach, you need someone you can trust. Kc is that person. Kc’s dedication to her work shines through and illuminates her skill and generosity. She is consistent, focused, and brilliant. Kc is a great listener and a beautiful person.
I highly recommend her!”



You’re Absolutely Worth It with Velera Wilson

Oct 15, 2020

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Chris Kenney, Sales Mastery Coach

"The biggest frustration in my business prior to working with Kc was the lack of leads. Since working with Kc I’m much calmer, more centered, less stressed, and leads are coming in! Having a listening ear is the best part about our coaching relationship and the practical solutions she offers. My focus now is on scaling. I would recommend Kc’s coaching to other solopreneurs because she gets it…
she’s done it and she can teach you how to do the same.” 

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