Dear purpose-driven leaders,
is something deep inside calling you?

A feeling that it’s time to step into your power, ease out of your comfort zone for the greater good, and scale up your business so you can earn more money while making a difference in the world.

The women I work with have a lot in common. They are the gentle warriors, the healers, change makers, coaches, confidants… givers.

They are looking to grow their holistic businesses so that they can reach more people in a meaningful way and leave a legacy.

But all too often I see big-hearted solopreneurs like you not charging what they're worth, working far too many hours, and in reality, relieved at the end of the month when they’re not in the red.

You deserve more than being one client session away from making your car payment!

Imagine being able to craft a schedule that fits around your life.

Where you’re working 25-30 hours per week, always having a 3-day weekend so you can enjoy time with your loved ones, enjoying regular vacations to completely chill, and having room in the budget to pamper yourself with a delicious spa day when you need it!

I want this for you!

And guess what? It is possible!

How would you feel if you were able to do the deep work that lights up your soul AND be able to have a savings account that makes you want to do a little happy dance?

Sound good?

"Since working with Kc, I have much more clarity and focus as I move  toward bringing my dream into reality. My creativity is sparked amidst the technicality that this endeavor involves. Kc brings life and laughter to tasks that could be rather tedious and geeky.

Traffic into my classes has grown even before my new website was launched. I feel that this is due to the positive energy that has been generated from my coaching sessions and the vast professional knowledge and wealth of information that Kc has to share.

I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND KC'S COACHING. This has been a priceless personal growth experience for me. This experience has also given my business a huge boost forward. I feel that my business plan will grow for many years with the insight and possibilities that Kc has brought into light.

This has truly been a very exhilarating experience from a truly awesome coach."

Lyn Magill, Wellness Coach/RYT, 
The Bear Yoga Project


It’s my passion to mentor women who are ready to make what may feel like an elusive dream into a tangible reality.

To me, it’s important to serve fewer clients and go deeper. As they say, 1 inch wide, 1 mile deep. In this way, my clients receive a high level of personal attention tailored to their lives and businesses.

In today’s world, being a solopreneur can be a lonely and overwhelming journey.

More importantly, it’s not enough to have a coach who is just leading you to discover your own answers. That method has a place for sure, but it’s not the most effective for business.

You want to know which are the next best steps to take to grow your small business, a way to stay accountable and have a trusted advisor by your side.

I’m part coach, part consultant, part accountability partner, and 100% committed to your success.

Being an entrepreneur is in my blood. I’ve worked hands-on in creative business endeavors since 1991. My longest-running company of 17 years grew close to a multiple 7-figure operation.

So why did I decide to go into coaching?

I saw a need. Wonderful, talented women who were awesome at their craft, but were struggling with self-doubt and digital marketing know how. They were stuck and stayed stuck which meant that the people who they were meant to serve weren't having the opportunity to connect with them.

This broke my heart. And because I’ve struggled with procrastination due to perfectionism and crippling insecurity in the past I knew I had to step up and help.

You see, I started my first corporation when I was 19. And for 20 years I had the same business partner. It was awesome! We were like the dynamic duo taking on the world.

And when we sold our company back in 2011, I ventured out on my own. I’m not going to lie, it was super intimidating.

I was used to relying on my other half and was motivated by her fiery extroverted personality. Having to muster the courage to do it all on my own took some time AND a lot of self-talk!

While I was building my coaching business, I took on a business management position where I cut my teeth on digital marketing.

I acquired the skills to help clients grow their email lists, execute 6-figure launches, establish successful membership sites, and build online learning management systems.

This gave me the confidence and know-how to coach full-time combining my brick and mortar experience with the hands-on tech stuff.

And now, what’s more important than ever is cultivating a conscious tribe of women who desire to lead, grow, network, and contribute to a better world.

I started the Women Developing Brilliance podcast to share stories of creative women solopreneurs lighting up the way with their service and offerings. I know listening to these real stories talking honestly about the challenges and the successes gives hope no matter where you are on the path; be it a budding start-up or a thriving empire.

If you’re ready to take your heart-centered business to the next level, it will be my honor to be on the journey with you!

Oh! And here’s 7 other fun facts about me:

  1. I love plants! I’m a certified aromatherapist, vegan, foodie, and love to cook healthy eats.
  2. I have a Harley riding partner who perfectly grounds me after hours on the computer!
  3. I’m super sensitive... to pretty much everything (artificial smells, bright light, competing audio, etc.).
  4. I’ve been meditating since 1990 and it’s still a daily non-negotiable.
  5. Despite not having a yoga body, I still show up on the mat.
  6. I scuba dive and feel at peace surrounded by water.
  7. I’m a Taurus so loyalty, perseverance, and relationships are my jam.

Still reading? Thank you for your interest. I like you already! :-)

Oh! before you go, please grab this audio that I made - 7 Tips to Eliminate Fear So You Can Grow Your Business Like a Boss.

Breathe joy and see you on the flip side!


“Kc helps me make my creative vision for my business a reality. She is a true expert for solopreneurs.

She gets me over my technology blocks and provides the structure and processes that allow me to move forward. Prior to hiring Kc, I was stuck. I could not move forward without help. I knew what I wanted, but I did not have all the skills to accomplish and make my visions and projects come to life. Kc’s expertise is crucial to the success of my programs and my business. She is a trusted advisor I can rely on, and as a solopreneur, her expertise is priceless and crucial to my success.”

Jodi Baglien,
Clinical Certified Aromatherapist


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