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Are you looking to scale a profitable + soul-aligned business?

Do you get overwhelmed by all the things and sometimes lose sight of your big, audacious goals?  

You’re not alone.

It can be challenging to consistently focus on the most important things, stay in your zone of genius, prioritize income-generating activities, and powerfully expand your global reach.

That’s exactly what I help ambitious female entrepreneurs do. I use an integrated approach that is holistic - one that addresses both the linear/masculine side of the business and the fluid/feminine side as well.

I offer one-on-one coaching and group coaching to help you:

  • Create healthy boundaries so you are maximizing your energy

  • Uncover and dissolve limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your next level of success

  • Increase your visibility using modern marketing strategies

  • Create engaging content and splinter it effectively to save hours of time per week

  • Distill your life’s work into digital assets (courses/masterclasses) to increase your reach, diversify your portfolio with passive income, and leave a legacy

  • Close the gap between who you are currently being and who you are destined to be

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Kc Rossi, Business & Leadership Coach

I'm on a mission to help women entrepreneurs lead & leave a legacy.

Kc Rossi, Business & Leadership Coach

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 10 years old and have been on a continuous improvement quest ever since. I joke that business is in my DNA because it is as natural as breathing for me.

I was the trusted town nanny from age 10 - 18 and immediately fell in love with developing long-term connections and improving people’s lives. From there, I met a dynamic business partner and we developed 10 different business ventures (read all about the wild and crazy things we did here). Our most successful creation was a confection manufacturing business. We owned and operated that for 17 years. It was thrilling to be able to build a dynamic team that was like family, develop an internationally known brand that consistently grossed 7+ figures, and travel the world to boot. After that, I freelanced, cutting my teeth on digital marketing, learning the tech by doing for my business as well as for other clients.

I continued to quench my love of learning by immersing myself in one certification program after another and saw a huge need in the marketplace. Smart, driven professionals were pivoting their previous J.O.B. into more meaningful work that aligned better with their core values and spiritual inclination. This specific group, many of them in the healing arts arena, although talented in their field lacked business savvy and online success strategies. This was the impetus for my business coaching.

Now, I like to empower female entrepreneurs and thought-leaders to step up, embrace their signature strengths, and be the lightworker they are destined to be (while being wildly profitable). I help bust through self-imposed glass ceilings and make scaling a business a joy-filled journey.

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Kc Rossi, Business & Leadership Coach

Live, Love, and Lead.

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