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Mackenzie Piccarreto: Table for One


Here are the highlights of my interview with Mackenzie Piccarreto: Table for One on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Mackenzie Piccarreto?

Mackenzie Piccarreto is an Integrative Health Expert, recipe developer, and all around wellness junkie. She founded her blog, Mackenzies Table, to share recipes, tips, and overall thoughts on what it means to live a vibrant, health-conscious life.

Mackenzie teaches that being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or taste bad, that when we really listen to our bodies, everything falls into place.

Overcoming darkness

Mackenzie shared how being a solopreneur can be isolating and a totally different scene than having co-workers. We talked about how easy it is to compare yourself to others online and get completely distracted.

She said, having a super supportive girl network in Rochester, NY has been a major contributor to her success.

Being able to rely on a trusted network that gets what you’re trying to accomplish and that you can lean on has been very powerful.

For those that don’t quite have a network built yet, Piccarreto encourages you to be around the people that you want to be like. Putting yourself out there, attending cool networking events, and reaching beyond your comfort zone will all help to connect with people who are on the same page.


Lightbulb moment

Being brought up by a naturopathic doctor she was surrounded by health. It was only natural to dive deeper into the world of integrative nutrition. After graduating from IIN, she started her blog as an outlet to share recipes and wellness tips.

Through a consistent and persistent effort of building her Instagram channel, Mackenzkie has built a loyal following. One that she says 90% of her business, collaborations, and entrepreneurial connections have come from.

She says, if you’re not using Instagram stories yet, you must! It’s a fabulous way to document your real, human life, connect with others and build friendships too.

Shining a bright light

I focus a lot locally to stand out from the crowded online marketplace. I’m surrounded by great people and I feel like I’ve been able to make a bigger impact focused on local.

When we talked about collaborations or agreeing to a project before your 100% ready, she said, "It’s this fine line of not saying yes to things that don’t feel good in your gut or are a good brand partnership and the flip side of doing things that are a little uncomfortable but you also need to get paid."

Her next big project

Mackenzie just launched her first eBook called “Table for One.” I grabbed a copy and it’s awesome.

You’ll learn everything from what to stock your pantry with and what oils to use, to how to make your own coconut yogurt and a curry recipe that could be made in 100 different ways. The idea is to learn the frameworks of recipes and then adjust to fit your needs and wants as they change. With just a little bit of effort on a weekly basis, you’ll be confidently whipping up delicious meals in no time.

I loved my time with Mackenzie because

She is so down to earth. Mackenzie truly is the #everydaygirl and that is something to celebrate. I think everyone can relate to her honest outlook on what it takes to be successful in business and that fortitude is the secret ingredient to longevity.

Connect with Mackenzie: https://mackenziestable.com/


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