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Here are the highlights of my interview with Tamara Kemper: Process Mentors on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Tamara Kemper?

After 16 years of working in schools and ed-tech companies, Tamara Kemper had accidentally become an expert in getting things done. Now, as the founder of Process Mentors, she helps small business owners scale their businesses through better back-end processes and internal training.

Tamara lives in Phoenix, AZ where she can frequently be found singing and playing the ukulele with her little ones or continuing her quest to read all the books.

Lightbulb moment

Tamara experienced not having a lot of power or flexibility when she worked in the educational system and uncovered a lot of limitations. This opened up an opportunity to work with a local tech ed company where she quickly realized that she loved working with adults and helping them learn.

She herself is a forever learner and problem solver. She started focusing on how to make things work better and more efficiently. Something clicked! Her skill set and passion for “figuring things out” and then helping others do the same lead her to create the Process Mentors.

Shining a bright light

Tamara loves to work with small teams.

Unlike most business efficiency consultants, she is passionate about focusing on the very human reasons why business systems break down and uses her teacher superpowers to make sure every team member is successful with their new and improved ways of working.

It’s a delicate balance especially when the system revolves around one individual. She has a style of inviting them in and making it a collaborative endeavor.

Communication is key right off the bat. The intention has to be pure and in alignment between the leadership team for true success and implementation.

Define the why across the board and be communicative about that...address the elephant in the room and talk about it.

Big truth

On the subject of raising 2 kids and operating a small business, Tamara shared that she is blessed to have a reliable support system of great caregivers. This allows her to stay 100% directed on work tasks during her business hours.

She said, when her daughter was very young, she tried to multi-task but she always felt like she was failing at something. At any moment, she felt like she was being terrible at either being an attentive Mom or a focused business owner.

If I can block longer periods of time to focusing on one category, I’m so much more successful and focused...I feel better about it.


Tamara’s top tip

Try using the Pomodoro Method, which utilizes a 25-minute timer to block a mindful slot to get this done (with 5-minute breaks). The key is to define exactly what you are going to work on during that time with the goal of getting in 3 rotations.

I’ve personally started to use this after our talk and it’s made a huge difference in my efficiency.

You can read her blog about it here.

Her parting words of wisdom

Get Support!

When you’re building a business - You have to invite other people in, you have to connect. You have to let other people see where you’re struggling and where you’re making mistakes. Don’t be proud or thinking something’s wrong if it’s not working.

I loved my time with Tamara because

She is so real. Not only is she wicked smart but her gentle, giving spirit shines through and so does her eagerness to help small businesses level up.

Tamara is a changemaker and someone to watch as she creates big things in the world!

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