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Here are the highlights from my interview with Alessia Pandolfi: Tech Expert on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Alessia Pandolfi?

Alessia Pandolfi is a tech expert for online coaches and consultants. She helps other solopreneurs from tech disasters and takes the worry and tasks off their plates.

Alessia works out of Helsinki, Finland and has been a full-time entrepreneur for over 3 years.

Her core value is helping others and she brings this sense of purpose into both her personal and work life.

Lightbulb moment

It all began when her father brought home their first Mac computer. Together, working on it was like a pet project. This influence molded Alessia.

It evolved into a position as a project manager for a non-profit in Ukraine where organization and technology were mandatory.

Spinning off into teaching Italian online was her first launch into entrepreneurship. That wasn’t the perfect fit right off the bat. The thought of securing a traditional job flooded in, but after some soul searching and a little bravery, she made the decision to pivot as a tech expert and become a full-time solopreneur.

Overcoming darkness

Even 3 years in as a solopreneur, missteps happen.

Alessia experienced one of these moments after a recent launch didn't produce the results she was hoping for.

Acknowledging the situation, figuring things out, and moving on is the key to long-term success, she shares.

Shining a bright light

Putting our work into the world takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and courage.  

Alessia suggests setting everything possible on automation all throughout a launch. As well as carving out time after a launch to “refill your cup” and rest. 

Big truth

After examination, Alessia believes her deep personal development work and positive attitude is what gave her the tenacity to start her second endeavor.

The truth is, I didn’t know myself (before that).

She now practices mindfulness on a daily basis and attributes much of the success of her current business to that. Setting healthy boundaries is a part of this process, she adds.

Balance in a chaotic world

Tech obstacles have made solopreneurs want to give up. Knowing our zone of genius and being able to ask for help or outsource when something is outside of our skill set is the way to go whenever it’s possible.

Here again, implementing a mindset shift proves to be very valuable.  

I loved my time with Alessia because

She is so honest and real. Her vulnerability is what allows us to see ourselves in her story and learn from any missteps. Alessia is a leading example of leaving space for yourself in your business when you need time to recharge. This contributes to business without burnout, which as you know is near and dear to my heart.

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PS: Plus, if you'd like to jam to her favorite workout music playlist click here.


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