4 Simple Steps to Better Time Management

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Need to steer back on track? Read on to learn 4 simple steps to manage your time.

You have a “to do” list. It’s a mile long. Somehow just capturing it all down on paper gives you a little mental release. But, now comes the challenge, how do you fit it all in? How can you spend your day working “on” your business instead of “in” your business?

The way I see it is you have 2 options. You can manage your time more efficiently or hire out.

Let’s look at the first one:


1. Waking up earlier is one way to add time to your day.

Leadership expert, Robin Sharma says, “Win The Battle of The Bed. Put mind over mattress. Get up early.” He advocates 5 am as the magical hour to rise. When the world is sleeping you have an opportunity to crank out some dedicated work, without the interruptions of beeps from social and email.

2. Limit personal time during your main work hours.

Booking a couple of lunches during the week seems so innocent. However, and I know this from experience, an hour slot can easily double. Plus, you lose some time trying to establish momentum again after you disrupt your rhythm.

For the most part, I started making social plans Monday through Friday after 4 pm. This way, I ensure a full workday under my belt. I enjoy so much more on my off time because I have the satisfaction of completing my goals prior.

3. Come back and knock off another hour before you end the day.

Many times, especially if you’ve treated yourself right during the day (with regular breaks, a dedicated lunch, some movement), you are graced with a second wind.

Getting in “one more hour” before the end of the day, for the week, really adds up. You could use it to schedule social posts, outline your blog, return emails, research, or even listen to a business podcast.

If you’re doing most of the above and still feel like you’re spinning out and don’t know which way to turn…then it may be time to pass some of your tasks to someone else.

Which leads to the second option…


It can be scary in the beginning to ask for help. You may be thinking by the time you organize what you need, delegate, and review you could do it yourself. But, I guarantee that once you cross-over to getting support, you won’t turn back.

Maybe you just need some of the day-to-day tasks off your plate, where a virtual assistant could fit the bill. Or, maybe you need a co-developer on a big project, where a business coach would be valuable. Perhaps someone to organize it all and keep you honest and on track would make your heart sing. In that case, a project manager is your ticket.

Shifting some of your responsibilities to a trained professional can save you time and stress in the long run.

Especially when it comes to tech. Can you learn the latest app or groovy SAAS? Of course, you can, you’re one smart cookie. But is it the best use of your time and energy? In most cases, probably not.

You have your main skill set. Whether that’s developing a curriculum, pitching a new product, or counseling clients. In my opinion, anything that severely takes you off track is a misstep.

Pick one of the above 4 simple steps to better time management and put it into action.

Let me know in the comments below how it goes.

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