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5 Quick Stress Management Tips for the Solopreneur

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Stress has been around since the caveman days.

We are no stranger to the “fight or flight” response that is ingrained in us if there is an apparent threat of danger. “Danger” can come in many different forms. In our times, it is not likely it is going to come in the form of a lion chasing us!

But, as a solopreneur, we can experience the same level of intensity, both psychological and physical, with other various stressors like public speaking, meeting deadlines, surpassing expectations, coping with competition, and work-life balance to name a few.

The effects of stress occur whether the stressor is imagined or real. Our brain chemistry registers the feeling over reality and our stress hormones respond accordingly. In that, when we start to experience symptoms of stress, like a headache, clenched jaw, restricted breathing, and/or physical tightness in our neck and shoulders, it’s time to take a step back.

Here are 5 quick stress management tips that are easy and effective:

1. Keep things in perspective

No matter how piled on your “to-do” list becomes it so very helpful to put things into perspective. Easier said than done, no doubt. But, when you are maxed out, sometimes the best thing to do is to realize the project is just that “a project.” It is not the end-all and be all. It is not a critical life event (in most cases). Of course, you are going to give it your all and no doubt pride yourself in the value and outcome of your work. However, when it starts to feel like “it” is controlling you is when you need to adjust your point of view.

I find keeping a gratitude journal is a simple way to shift my mindset. Here are 2 cool apps that can help:

Gratitude 365 JournalDay One

2. Craft Your Breaks

Luckily, we are not robots! In that, it is necessary to grab a little break during the day. Many times, however, our breaks consist of checking personal emails, catching up on texts, scrolling through our Facebook feed and the like. Instead of more “screen time” which can drain us, it is surprising how utilizing the same 10 minutes doing something restorative can truly support us.

I find that “cupping” the eyes is a simple way to soothe stress and fatigue. You just hold the palm of your hands over closed eyes and enjoy the dark stillness for a few minutes.

Another quick and effective use of your break is doing Viparita Karani — Legs-up-the-wall yoga pose. It is known to increase blood flow, reduce stress, and even combat a headache. Click here for more on this wonderful pose.

3. Change the Channel

A helpful way to pacify a stressful experience or feeling is to incorporate music.

Music therapy is a powerful and proven art form that can have a profound effect when assisting in stress management.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta said,

“Music therapy helps speech, but also motor skills, memory, and balance. Also emotionally uplifting.”

I like to tune into the “acoustic guitar” or “classical new age piano” Pandora station. I find it can help improve focus and adds a bit of levity & feeling to the atmosphere (without the distraction of lyrics).

4. Move

An excellent way to reduce stress is to move!

Whether you take 20 minutes of your lunch hour to go for a brisk walk and enjoy nature or at the top of the hour jump on a mini-rebounder, movement is powerful. It not only increases circulation, prevents stagnation (which can lead to pain and stiffness), but also can shift your emotional state of mind — all very helpful when dealing with stress and overload. I love the Needak rebounder and have been enjoying it for years.

5. Reach out and connect

An increasing complaint of the solopreneur is the stress of isolation and loneliness.

Working alone virtually comes with its unique stressors. Taking your laptop to a cafe or library 1 or 2 times per week, connecting with other business owners in a similar situation via Skype, organizing a local meet-up (business or personal), or joining an entrepreneurial forum are all ways to feel connected.

The beauty of being a solopreneur is that you create your destiny.

You decide what hours you are going to work, your days off, your “on” times, etc.

Remember to be kind to yourself.

Incorporating the above simple tips can take layers of stress and burden off you. And, surprisingly increase your productivity and happiness in the process!

Do you have stress-relieving tips that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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