5 Things You Can Do When You’re Stuck in Your Business

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Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck in your business?

Either you have no idea of how to progress, or you have too many ideas and are spinning out. In both cases, it’s easy to find yourself looking at your laptop or tablet, wondering, “What the heck have I actually accomplished?”

Being “stuck” is a widespread issue among solopreneurs. It usually manifests as confusion, indecisiveness, indifference, discouragement, or all of the above.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be a permanent state. I’ve felt stuck many times in the past, but discovered some strategies that helped pull me out of the funk and push forward.

Here are five things you can do when you’re stuck in your business:

1. Go Back and Review your Past Accomplishments

It’s easy to forget the massive number of things that we do daily as a small business owner. It can move so quick, with the days piling on one another, the blog posts getting archived, the client reviews getting filed, etc. It seems like the process never ends, rarely giving you a chance to look back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. One of the best ways to invigorate your self-confidence and business “mojo,” is to take a glance at your history.

Whether that’s reading positive comments on your blog, course testimonials on your learning management system, reviews on your business Facebook page, or even reading through your LinkedIn profile – the acknowledgment that you and your work have “mattered” can be just what the doctor ordered to get you out of your funk.

2. Dive into Pinterest with Fresh Eyes

Pinterest is a wonderfully visual social media network that offers a multitude of benefits when it comes to needing inspiration (and I’m not just talking about getting that chickpea bowl recipe for dinner)!

For example, typing “business” into the search bar can result in a multitude of content that may inspire your future endeavors. Even if the content you find doesn’t end up on your top-10-things to-do list, it can provide momentum, which can, in turn, propel you forward.

3. Tune into the Hottest Trends

When we get into a steady work routine, it’s commonplace to lose sight of what is cutting edge in our field. To stay on top of your industry and the influencers in your arena, I recommend setting up Google Alerts.

Setting up Google Alerts is simple, fast, and best of all, it’s FREE!

Here is a great article to walk you through setting up your own.

Not only will Google Alerts allow you to monitor your brand, but it will also arouse the entrepreneur in you and stimulate action.

4. Move your Body to Activate your Mind

Our bodies and minds are intimately connected. Many times when we are feeling mentally stuck, it turns out that we’ve simply neglected physical activity. I know that I fall prey to this more often than I’d like. For example, sitting in front of the computer for the entire day before I notice that I haven’t moved my body in hours!

One of the quickest ways to change our mental state is to improve our physical state. Rebounding, a brisk walk outside, or a 15-minute yoga session on Gaia.com are all great ways to get the heart pumping fresh oxygen to the brain. That’s just the juice we need to clear out the mental cobwebs!

5. Make a Date

Interacting with other solopreneurs is a powerful way to network, share new ideas, and support one another during times of burnout. Choose a hip, local venue to pump up your biz jam, or reach out and connect with someone you trust and admire.

Being around like-minded people breaks the “me, myself, and I” feeling, uplifting you while also improving your productivity.


I hope the above suggestions help provide the jumpstart you need to get unstuck! Let me know if you try any of them in the comments. And, if you’d like to see what inspires me, check out my Pinterest boards!

Until next time…breathe joy,


P.S. If you have your own suggestions on how to get unstuck and move your business forward, I’d love if you could share them below!

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