Embracing Winter as a Solopreneur

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I personally love the sun, playing in the waves, and having the convenience of walking outside without so many layers that I could literally pass for the Michelin man! But after 29 years of being in the business world, I’ve learned a few things about embracing winter as a solopreneur.

Of course, there is always the choice to move to a year-round destination where the temps coast along in the 80’s, but I have a deep relationship with my family, who are all based in this area. For now, my home includes seasons…all four of them! So, I have good practice when it comes to finding ways to embrace the depth of the darkest one.

Here are a few things that can help beat the winter blues:


Keep the circulation pumping! Not only does blood flow enhance your mood, but it’s also awesome for heart health and mental acuity. A good snowy hike or a sassy Zumba class can be just “what the doctor ordered” when it comes to changing your mental state.

Sometimes it’s not enough to have an oversimplified goal such as “Move More.”

In order to really make it actionable and reap the best results, remember to be specific to set yourself up for success. It also helps to commit to a schedule or pay for a pass in advance for added motivation and accountability.

So to optimize the intent of “move more” you could sign-up for a 8-week yoga pass and schedule attending every Tuesday and Thursday on your calendar.

Make sense?


Winter is a time of going inward and an opportunity to enjoy the quiet. Many species naturally take the winter season to hibernate (a clever mechanism employed in order to survive when the temperatures are freezing and the food supply scarce). It’s also a wonderful time to shut out external stimuli and rest our senses. 

By closing our eyes and taking some time each day to connect with our body and breath, it can open up the space for new things. 

People who meditate have reported benefits from increased creativity to profound peace. 

If you’re new to meditation, there are several apps that can assist. Headspace is one of them and touts that they make meditation simple. There’s a huge library of themed sessions to choose from (ranging from sleep support to anxiety relief). 


When I was looking out my window today, I noticed how much fun the deer were having! I watched them for quite a while. Despite it being frigid, they were happily prancing around, chasing one another, and displaying a playful attitude.

As winter can lend itself to solitude, it’s important to safeguard against isolation. Creating the time to hang out with like minds can do a world of good. Inject some levity into your life! Put away the to-do list for a couple of hours and let loose. Be playful and curious ...just like wildlife.

Most of us need community in our lives in one form or another.

Connecting and sharing is probably one of the easiest ways to uplift your mood and warms the soul.

Embracing winter as a solopreneur will allow you to show up as your best self and you’ll feel more balanced and at peace.

If you’d like more information on natural ways to uplift your mood, email me. I will send you my “Aromatherapy for Depression, from Blues to Bright,” an article that was published in the International Journal for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Until next time…breathe joy,

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