Lindsay Bryan-Podvin: The Financial Anxiety Solution


In this episode, Kc talks with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin.

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, owner and founder of Mind Money Balance, is a financial therapist who started her career in the field of mental health treatment and advocacy. As the first financial therapist in Michigan, she combines financial literacy with the emotional and psychological side of money.

She always had an interest in mental health and found an even greater love working at the intersection of mental health and money, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. In addition to being a published author of the book "The Financial Anxiety Solution," she has a degree in sociology from Michigan State University, and her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan. She lives with her husband and their Portuguese Water dog in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:

00:01:31 Your Relationship with Money And Anxiety

00:02:55 What You Can Do Now To Control And Ease Your Anxiety

00:06:14 Lindsay's Path To Becoming A Financial Therapist

00:08:59 Getting Started And Getting Comfortable With Money

00:12:58 Get Over Money Blocks: Releasing Unwanted Thought Patterns

00:16:18 Why You Need A Personalized Approach

00:17:20 The Three Basic Building Blocks

00:21:50 Lindsay's Mindset And Looking Back On Her Journey

00:24:52 Lindsay's Bright Light Wisdom

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