Lou Stokes: The Style Editor


Here are the highlights of my interview with Lou Stokes: The Style Editor on Women Developing Brilliance®.

Who is Lou Stokes?

Style & confidence coach, certified yoga & meditation instructor, published author and International speaker. Born in London, Lou has worked, studied and lived in many corners of the world from Australia to Asia, USA and Europe. She always has itchy feet and loves to travel and finds much of her inspiration in different cultures and lifestyles. 

Following an eating disorder and finding yoga as her savior and a way to express and heal herself, Lou became a yoga teacher and wrote my first book, Boney & I, Anorexia, Ustrasana & the lost apple core which she self published in 2013. 

Now, Lou helps woman to transform from the inside out through self love, energy, confidence, wellness and style using strategies, tools and mindset to become the magnetic woman they were born to be.


Lightbulb moment

After working with women in the style industry, Lou found that there was a common thread amongst her clients. There was always a lack of confidence and lack of self-love. Most women would internalize style rules of what they believed they could and could not wear. And so, Lou came to know the relationship between self-love and style. She made it her mission to speak to her own journey and empower women.

Just styling them on the outside was not fulfilling me as much as helping them empower themselves from the inside out.

She took on her own journey of self-love and discovery and utilized meditation, journaling, and self-care practices which gave her the clarity and confidence to become an entrepreneur.


Big truth

It’s no lie that women are conditioned to constantly be criticizing themselves. 

97% of women suffer from negative thoughts each day about their body or body image.

We never really know what’s going on on the inside someone. Their life may look perfect, they may have the perfect body, they may have the perfect whatever, but that’s not to say that they are happy. 

The media around us has a huge impact on our perceptions, even if we aren’t necessarily reading style magazines. Especially on social media platforms like Instagram, our eyes are trained to catch on to beautiful images. It can be very easy to get caught in the trap of seeing only the beauty and not the struggle.


Shining a bright light

Lou recognizes that people want more authenticity. They want to feel understood and relatable. Through her business, Lou wants to help women see that they are not alone. She wants to help them feel empowered through her social media posts as she shares both the triumphs AND the struggles. Lou also knows how important it is that her message, that she expresses through her business and personal life alike,  is authentic and comes from a place of integrity.


Lou’s top tips

  1.  Utilize tools such as meditation and journaling to get to know yourself and what feels good for you.
  2. List 5 things that you love about yourself physically and 5 qualities you love about yourself.
  3. Write a thank you letter to yourself and your body thanking it for all that it does for you. (Going into gratitude and appreciation mode goes a long way)


Lou’s words of wisdom

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while, Lou encourages us to remember that things do not happen overnight, and how important it is to stay consistent with our work and mission. Take each day step-by-step and put one foot in front of the other, even when it seems hard! 

It’s all about showing up every single day, even if it’s for a little bit!

Lou also emphasizes the importance of not being afraid to reach out and ask for support. The people you meet along the way are vital to your journey and will help you keep going. Cultivating a loving relationship with yourself FIRST is vital to your well-being as a solopreneur.


I loved my time with Lou because

Lou and I were able to discuss our common beliefs on how important it is to grow spiritually on this entrepreneur journey. Lou’s challenges and obstacles that she has met on this road to solopreneurship have tested her in ways that go deep. I appreciate and admire how her journey has caused her to reflect inward and take time to develop that connection to self-love. Our brand truly is a reflection of who we are as solopreneurs and I am so glad that I was able to dig deep with Lou and see how she is empowering women with her business.


Connect with Lou:   https://thecoachspace.com/lou-stokes/

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