Overcome The Fear of Going Live

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Video is all the rage when it comes to digital marketing. 

According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. However, if you’re intimidated to hit the broadcast button, it can feel darn right terrifying!

Here’s the #1 tip to overcome the fear of going live -


By turning around the “got to” mentality to a “get to” state of mind you’ll be more equipt to tap into the potential of utilizing video in your marketing.


Like with so many things in life and business, how we perceive things rules our actions, which determines our results. 

The simple act of switching our language from “got to” to “get to” when it comes to pressing the broadcast button can make all the difference in the world.

  • We *get to* share our message on free platforms.
  • We *get to* express our heart to people around the world. 
  • We *get to* build a strong tribe of people who value our work.

Now, in all honesty, it took me a year to build up the confidence to press the big Go Live button on Facebook! I let my mind get the best of me. :-)

Once it became too painful to see “go live” on my to-do list over and over again, I mustered up the courage to just do it!

Here’s what I learned in the process:

  1. I was making a much bigger deal out of it than I needed to
  2. Preparing my material including writing out a catchy title and the top 3 takeaway points on a post-it settled my nerves
  3. In the beginning, doing a test run either on my phone or using a video recording app like Zoom or ScreenFlow helped me get used to where to look on my webcam, adjust my background, and see if I was talking too fast, etc.
  4. Focusing on my ideal client and her needs helped me tailor my information and tone, which made it easier to communicate naturally (as if she was sitting across the table from me)
  5. No one cares about a perfect presentation nor will people be picking things apart like my hair and make-up or occasional lisp (we are our biggest critics!)
  6. Like with anything else, it gets easier with time, patience, and practice. It’s all about progress over perfection!

It’s incredible how different we show up when we cultivate gratitude for “getting to” do something vs. feeling like it’s a forced obligation.

Because life’s too short for that! Am I right?

If you’re experiencing fear regarding using live video in your marketing, create a small goal that will move you in the right direction. Perhaps that’s producing and posting a pre-recorded video to get your feet wet or maybe it’s taking off the self-imposed time limit and making your first Instagram story for as long as it feels right.

The most important thing is to make it as easy on yourself as possible. Little by little, day by day you’ll make progress towards your video goals. Soon you’ll be a pro enjoying the live engagement and feedback that you’re bound to receive.

You’ve got this!

Until next time…breathe joy,

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