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Change is inevitable.

We are constantly evolving. Our skin sloughs off, our cells are regenerating; which in turn so are our organs. We take in thousands of stimulus every day. Impressions that affect how we think and create. Interactions that have the power to mold our thoughts differently and alter our internal chemistry.

It makes sense then since our business is a reflection of ourselves that it would evolve as well. In that, you must refresh your content.

I invite you to look at your services, sales pages, landing pages, opt-in sequences, workshop materials, etc. with fresh eyes. 

  • Does your message still ring true?
  • Do you feel 100% aligned with your material? 
  • Have you learned new things about your ideal client over the past year that you should weave into your copy?

Of course, scientific and age-old data will remain consistent. However, even if you’ve sourced references, there may be newer abstracts that you can draw from for a more fresh and relevant citing (or at least test that any included links are still active).

In order to stay current, we must keep our fingers on the pulse of the market and our placement. It’s truly amazing how our individual perspective shifts slightly over time. In a year, or 2 or even 5, what we have with our name on it can look like quite a departure from our current brand.

Answer the following three questions to help gain clarity:

  1. What does my ideal client want and need the most from me now?
  2. How does my product/service help solve their problem?
  3. Do my marketing materials clearly state what I do and the benefits of working with me?

Simply pointing the compass back to true North can help align us with our dream client and give us clear signposts of how to share our story and improve our copy.

You’ll be amazed at how things flow easier when you check-in and adjust from time to time. There will be a serendipitous sequence of events when you do.

Perhaps, a new client will connect with you in a seemingly magical way (right time, right place). You may get an offer from someone that you had on your radar but the encounter never “clicked” before. You may see an increase in sales in your webstore, even though you raised your prices because your online presence received a facelift.

Sprucing up your content, clarifying your copy, and upleveling your graphics from time to time will help keep your brand fresh and relevant. 

Until next time…breathe joy,

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