Scherise Saskia: Millionaire Business Minds

Scherise Saskia is a mindset coach.

She helps female entrepreneurs bridge the gap between their reality and dream lifestyle! She encourages them to dream big, then helps them build the stairs to get to their big vision. 

She's committed to the belief that all you need is the right strategy and mindset. Then you can make it all happen, simply because you are breathing.

Minute markers with the highlights:

00:01:08 Building the staircase - A clear, consistent plan to reach big goals

00:02:55 Benefits of short-term goals

00:03:50 "Mindset is roughly 70% of business"

00:08:42 What to do when you've created a monster

00:10:57 Thrive Business Thrive - a message from our sponsor

00:13:53 Scherise's biggest business lesson

00:17:30 Take networking to the next level - build real relationships

00:19:32 Utilize voice clips to humanize online relationships

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