Shannon Lohr: Sustainable & Ethical Fashion


In this episode, Kc talks with Shannon Lohr.
As the founder of Factory45, Shannon Lohr works with early-stage entrepreneurs to launch fashion & accessories companies that are sustainably and ethically made.  

She got her start in 2010 when she co-founded {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable clothing company for female travelers and minimalists that was featured in The New York Times, and Yahoo! News.  To date, she's worked with over 200 entrepreneurs in the sustainable fashion space, many of whom have gone on to launch some of the most transparent supply chains in the fashion industry.

Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:

00:01:26  How Shannon Got Started And What She Learned Along The Way

00:04:32  Lessons Learned From Revolution

00:05:13  The Single Most Important Trait: Taking Action

00:10:17  Social Media And Using Your Voice

00:14:20  Strategies For Showcasing Your Brand

00:15:50  Launch Your Own Company: Factory 45

00:18:35  Can You Launch With One Product?

00:19:50  Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

00:23:04  Shannon's Bright Light Wisdom

Connect with Shannon 

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