Tips To Make The Laptop Lifestyle Easier


In this episode, Kc discusses tips and tricks for entrepreneurs living the laptop lifestyle and how it's not always as easy and carefree as you might think. Learn more about what you need before you leave, how to set up once you arrive and how to stay successful and still enjoy your trip. 

Here are the minute markers with highlights:

00:02:49 What You Need To Take Your Work On The Road: Tech

00:07:40 Don't Forget The Supplies And Software!

00:09:03 How To Prepare For Your Trip: Setting Schedules, Boundaries and Time Zones

00:16:03 Keep Your Lines Of Communication Open

00:16:48 Staying Productive While Traveling

00:19:32 Make Sure Your Accommodations Are Accommodating

00:21:30 Tips For Planning Your Day And Saving Your Energy

00:26:18 Mindset: How To Approach The Lifestyle

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