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Here are the highlights of my interview with Tricia TenEyck : Life Made Simple on Women Developing Brilliance®.

Who is Tricia TenEyck?

Tricia is a SJFC graduate with a degree in communications + marketing. After college Tricia worked as a real estate assistant and excelled at creating systems and organizing solutions so that a busy business could run smoothly each day. While this was her expertise, she knew she could put this passion to better use. She began organizing in her family and friends homes; smiling each time they told her how much she simplified their lives for the better. 

 Tricia TenEyck is the owner and lead organizer of Life Made Simple. Tricia lives in Fairport with her boyfriend of 10 years (high school sweethearts!) and her cat Penny. She enjoys taking long walks in her neighborhood, trying out new baking recipes, hosting game nights with friends, and catching up on her favorite shows under a blanket.

​Tricia wakes up happy each day knowing she has been an empathetic source of support for her clients who need a non-judgmental, experienced organizer by their side.


Lightbulb moment

Tricia knows that she can help others simplify their surroundings and routines and in turn, help organize their everyday life. However, finding her niche market wasn’t so simple. 

Starting her business in the Rochester market, Tricia was convinced that her ideal client would be stay-at-home moms who just did not have time in the day to organize and wanted to spend that time devoted to their kids. She knew these clients would have to have the extra money to devote to her services, but what she didn’t realize was most of them would be working moms. Moms who are so busy working full time and “juggling too many balls in one court.” Moms who start a project and never have the chance to finish it because life gets in the way. This led to her lightbulb moment.

That’s why I do what I do. I want to give people the hour back in their day that they’ve spent trying to start a project and get nowhere with it.

Time is not a renewable resource, and that’s exactly what Tricia gives...the gift of time.


Big truth

Tricia underwent a transformative re-brand early on in her business. Originally, her business operated under the name Perfect Ten Professional Organizing. The name was stuck with her, was a play on her last name, and promised the guarantee of “perfect ten” results. 

 After reflecting on her purpose and why she started this business, she decided to pivot. She realized that the Rochester market couldn’t necessarily afford perfect, and rather wanted someone to simplify their everyday life. 

 Simplify your space so that everyday isn’t a hassle, and so you are not running against the clock at all times because your physical environment forces you to do so!

 Life Made Simple evolved out of the big truth that “perfection does not need to be the end goal.”


Shining a bright light

Having time-tested experience and an openness to learn more, Tricia has set out to build her business, be consistent, and help people maintain organization in all areas of her life. 

 She wants everyone to know that our outside world is truly a reflection of our inside world.

 Just because someone feels emotional guilt that comes with it (unorganization), doesn’t correlate to how good of a person you are.

 It is her priority to make a safe space for every client.


Tricia’s top tips

  1.  Dabble. Dive in and get experience. Make sure whatever you are pursuing is something you will feel good about at the end of the day. Don’t rely on social media...there is often a facade.
  2. Mindset is your foundation! Focus on and revisit your why. How do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning? Why am I choosing this?
  3. It’s OK to pivot! Switching up something when you feel that there is a better option that resonates and aligns with you is OK! Sometimes it is smarter to pivot than to remain stuck.
  4. Show don’t tell. People are attracted to storytelling on social media. You don’t need to plan out the perfect post. Stop waiting and just tell your story!


Tricia’s words of wisdom

Tricia values progress over perfection. “It is all about the process and getting to where you need to be.” 

These words of wisdom can apply to any areas in our lives. 


I loved my time with Tricia because

I admire women who help to create a safe, non-judgmental space for their clients. It takes courage and strength to dig deep and organize your home with someone and Tricia truly cares about taking her clients step-by-step in the process. 

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