What If No One Is Listening?

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Ugh! The dreaded feeling of being an entrepreneur when it seems like you’re spinning your wheels, pumping out great content, and no one is listening. What are your choices? You could stop writing your blog and posting on social media. You could keep repeating your routine. Or make some changes. 

Let’s look at each option-

1. Stop writing your blog and posting on social media

This may seem like the easiest and best answer at first. I mean, if no one is listening or commenting on your hard work, why bother…right? But, let’s think about this. If you choose to hang up the towel, you are eliminating any possibility of getting recognized, seen, and/or heard. You are really saying to the world: “I don’t exist.” I don’t think that’s what you want is it?

I believe there is great power in dedication. 

Jeff Walker, best selling author, once replied to someone who said: “I only want to write when I’m inspired.” His response was, “Me too! I just happen to be inspired every morning at 8 am.” I love that! 

It may not look as if anything is happening on the surface, but most likely something is. Additionally, the physics of productivity apply here; once you get started, it is much easier to stay in motion.  


 2. Keep repeating your routine

Dedication and routine are different! If you are in your first year, I would say it’s OK to just keep doing what you are doing. If you are consistently staying with your schedule – let’s say posting on one social channel daily and blogging or podcasting once a week – then stick with it. Your audience, no matter how small it is, will recognize and reward your consistency.

Keep in mind that even though you aren’t seeing a slew of comments in your feed or on your posts, it DOES NOT mean that you aren’t touching and helping someone. I know that’s hard to imagine at times, but it’s really true. 

People get in the habit of taking in information, even if it’s super inspiring and moving on without acknowledging.

However, in this scenario, I still think it’s worth doing a little bit of #3 in the effort of due diligence and comparison testing.


3. Make changes 

For solopreneurs that have been at this a while and are still unhappy with their response, I think this popular saying applies here:


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


If you’ve been consistently providing content and your list hasn’t grown, your Facebook reach still is in the double digits, and your blog comments are a ghost town; then you’re doing something wrong.



Ask Yourself:

  1. Is my brand interesting and memorable?
  2. Am I speaking directly to my target audience?
  3. Am I consistent with my message and stay on topic?
  4. Do I offer value and solve problems?
  5. Is my energy attractive and enthusiastic?

Reflect on the above list and tweak one or more of the points. It may be that you only need to make slight adjustments to start increasing interest.


Social Slumber?

If you’re not currently using video, stories, and/or lives - start now! People are accustomed to being entertained. Video provides the most stimulus and is the next best thing to an in person interaction.


“92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy.” Wyzowl


I think a “pattern interrupt” can also be effective. The times and frequency of when you post can be altered to mix things up.

Tap into your analytics to see which days and times are getting the most traction and capitalize on that.

Regarding social posts, it may be time to diversify to another channel. If it feels like your Facebook page is a little stale with very few comments, then you may want to focus on Instagram, Pinterest (especially for visual brands), or publish a Podcast on iTunes. 

In the end, know that your voice and message matters.  

Like anything in life, if you’re not getting the results that you’re looking for – step back, analyze the situation, and adjust where needed. With consistent effort, action, and improvement you will succeed! Hey… we have the law of physics on our side! :-)

Until next time…breathe joy,

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