Choose Your Own Reality Based on What Aligns with Your Soul

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Are you a part of the rising tide of soul-led businesses?


There’s a subtle and quiet drumbeat of change on our planet, one led by the soulful creators in heart-led businesses — individuals who understand that the road to change is paved by the decisions we make each day, not only in our personal lives but in the work we do.


Our purpose and passion are key to the expansion — opening doors for us to change lives with our work and to achieve the unfolding of our deepest longings. 


It is the time of the rising of the Aquarian ideal in business, one built on equity, personal growth, and empathy — values that not only put us more deeply in touch with our truest desires but also support us in amplifying the signal of peace in the world.


Prosperity, creative fulfillment, and joy are all a part of our developing consciousness, and it is by focusing on these areas that we bring our businesses alive with rich purpose and make our stand for a world built on new principles that encourage the thriving and peace of all on the planet.


When we gather with the full fire of our purpose in a collective, to lay claim together for the future we are here to create, then we become an unstoppable force.


This interview is going to help you tap more deeply into your passions and lay the groundwork for a new life and a new world, powered by your deepest expression and joy. 

Get ready for answers to these powerful questions:

  1. Is it really possible to choose our own reality?
  2. How can we know what soul alignment really is?
  3. What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to human development?
  4. What are a couple of ways that we can feel more harmonious and centered?
  5. What do you predict will happen as we enter deeper into the Age of Aquarius?

I'd love to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment below. 💞


This video was originally produced for the Age of Aquarius Virtual Retreat hosted by Theresa Pridemore. 

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