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Are You Making a Big Enough Impact in the World?

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Many of us, if not all, have a dream to make an impact on the world. However, limiting beliefs, overwhelm, and perfectionism often get in the way!


In this episode, I talk about how setting our intentions, taking baby steps, and consistently showing up for your goal will lead to success.



Episodes Highlights:

4:01 Breaking the notion of, “You have to be a big influencer first before you make an impact”

10:59 Begin seeing how you can increase your impact today

12:57 Why celebrating your baby steps is a must



Words of Wisdom:

“You have the power to make lasting change, to create significant work, and to positively impact people’s lives.”




 Listener feedback:


Uplifting, interesting, real-life women

This show is chock-full of inspiring stories of real women making their own way in the business world. Being a part of this series hosted and created by the brilliant Kc Rossi, has elevated my career. Watching the other interviews reminds me, we aren’t alone and we’re stronger when we listen, share and learn from one another. Kc isn’t just a coach, she’s a community builder.

Lilitheve from the United States



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