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Camilla Jeffs: Steady Stream Investments

In this episode, Kc interviews Camilla Jeffs.

Camilla Jeffs has built and grown three businesses and has ideas for more daily! As a mother of five children, she is passionate about teaching her children entrepreneurship skills and opening their minds to non-traditional paths.

Camilla holds an MBA and is skilled in business development, asset and portfolio management, market analysis, economic and demographic trends, asset acquisition and exit strategies, and negotiations. She raises millions of dollars for apartment acquisitions and orchestrates group investments so investors receive all the benefits of investing in real estate such as cash flow, tax write-offs, and appreciation without all the hassles of being a landlord.

Kc and Camilla talk discuss:
What Drives Camilla's Passion For Wealth and Her Investment Trifecta
Camilla reveals why financially empowered women are a force for good and then listen to her investing trifecta which includes financial, social, and environmental returns.

How To Overcome Traditional Conditioning
Camilla grew up in a self-described "traditional home" and was on a "traditional path" until she realized she was meant for more. Hear how she listened to her inner voice and some amazing mentors that created the space for growth.

The Income Gap Vs. The Wealth Gap For Women
The income gap refers to women making $0.70 for every $1.00 that men make, but the wealth gap is even bigger - 50%. How would the world be different if women controlled the larger portion of wealth? Camilla shares one step to start growing your wealth and the 3 biggest benefits of investing in real estate.

How To Manage Risk In Investment
There is always a risk in investing. Learn how to mitigate risk in real estate investment and know when it's the right time.  Camilla shares what the #1 fear is and why your relationship with money matters.

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