Catherine Calmes: From Chaotic to Coordinated


In this episode, Kc talks with Catherine Calmes.

Catherine is a Certified Director of Operations who helps online business owners by providing operational planning and team leadership so their business can run efficiently. She uses her background in home organizing, workplace productivity, and managerial experience to help make the vision for your business a reality.

Catherine’s goal is for you to be able to accomplish more in less time so that you can scale your business to the next level. Your business will flow with ease and you will feel confident about what your team can accomplish.

In This Episode We Discuss:

How Catherine Can Take Your Big Business Idea and Make It Reality
Breaking it down into actionable pieces, building blocks, and what you need whether or not you hire someone like Catherine.

Pillars of Communication and Leadership
Honesty. Trust. Respect. Communication. We discuss what makes a great leader, how to find and build confident leaders, and how you can work with the strengths of you and your team.

Solopreneur Struggles
From marketing to the mission, where can soloproneurs focus their time and energy to get the most out of their efforts? How you deal with bumps in the road, perfectionism, and more.

How to Empower Your Team
How to create key performance indicators and what to do with them. Tips and ideas for how to create, measure and optimize to empower your team to achieve your goals.


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