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Debra Valentina: Beyond Chaos - Journey to Freedom and Joy


In this episode, I talk with Debra Valentina.

Debra Valentina, founder of Creativing, is a holistic intuitive coach for female entrepreneurs and executives, as well as a speaker and published author. Her memoir "Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy" was published in March by Write Path Publishing.

One of Debra's greatest delights is to empower women to get beyond their doubts and fears to fully express their unique talents and experience freedom and joy.

We discuss:
Knowing When To Pivot From The Corporate World
Many of you might be wondering what it takes to make the change from the corporate world to becoming self-employed. Debra discusses bravery, having a plan and how she made the switch.

How Money Blocks and Money Mindset Can Hold You Back
Are you comfortable asking for what you're worth? Debra discusses how knowing your worth comes with more than just a monetary value. She helps women unpack issues around money and mindset, and lets you know how to start charging the right amount and feel confident.

What Does Resilience Mean To You?
We all struggle with setbacks and needing to be more resilient at times. Debra believes resilience is how quickly you can get back to center after something has thrown you off. She also reveals how resilience can be learned and become a strength.

Why We Struggle On The Inside To Look Good On The Outside
The paradigm might be starting to shift and transparency is becoming more common, but while that happens we still struggle with needing to look like we have it all together. The perfect Pinterest or Instagram life in photos isn't a reality. Debra discusses how she helps her clients with this struggle, intuitive guidance, and how to quiet your critical voice.

How To Find The Right Clients
Knowing who your client is and how to help them is just as important as knowing who your client is NOT and when to say no. Debra talks about how she attracts clients energetically, interviews them before signing a contract and why saying yes to everyone won't serve you.


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