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Dethroning Your Inner Critic with Joanna Kleinman

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Our inner critic has the power to tank our confidence. doesn't have to be that way! In this episode, Joanna Kleinman, Licensed Psychotherapist, shares ways we can change our thinking minds and learn to live an intentional and fundamentally better life.  


Episode Highlights: 

4:21 Why we have an inner critic

7:30 Why our imprint years are so powerful

10:11 Are women's inner critics louder than men's?

16:19 Ways to outgrow your inner critic

21:48 Culture shift through mastering your mind


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 Listener feedback:


Relevant and Uplifting

Kc is a great interviewer who brings her guests to a place of sharing super real info and steps to take their lives and business to the next level.

Jen from Australia 




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