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Echo Huang: The American Dream


In this episode, Kc interviews Echo Huang.
Echo Huang left China at age twenty to cross the ocean with nothing but $800 and the hope of achieving the American Dream. Her courage and dedication fueled her journey through the business world over the next twenty years, gaining experience working in financial planning firms of all sizes before venturing off on her own.

Today, as founder and President of Echo Wealth Management with multiple designations such as CFP®, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter, Echo helps the country's top executives and entrepreneurs take the complexity out of their finances, giving them the confidence to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

Kc and Echo discuss:
Echo's Journey And Her Investment Path
Listen to Echo share her story and how her love for numbers and investing began. She also reveals the importance of taking complicated ideas and breaking them down into simple and actionable steps that serve her clients.

How To Start Your Journey in Wealth Management And Succeed
You don't need to be wealthy to invest. Echo reveals how she started building her wealth with $800, hard work, and patience. She calls herself your financial quarterback and encourages you to find the team that will help you thrive. She dives deep into her three tips for success and how you can set yourself up for long-term gains. 

Words Of Wisdom - Daring To Dream
You have to be daring to dream. Echo believes that the future is yours and it's important to share your big ideas with others to help them manifest. One of her big dreams was to become an author. She used her 20 years of experience and wrote a top selling book to realize her dream and help others. Learn her strategy for success and achieve your goals.

Bonus advice: Learn Echo's top tips for donating to charity, making a positive impact and still getting the most out of your money.

Connect with Echo and find her book here.

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