Elli Runkles: Sales + Launch Copywriter


Here are the highlights of my interview with Elli Runkles: Sales + Launch Copywriter on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Elli Runkles?

Elli Runkles is a Sales + Launch Copywriter for coaches and creative entrepreneurs at ellirunkles.com, and creator of the Copywriter on Call program. She helps her clients from solopreneurs to 7-figure business owners harness the power of written words in order to boldly declare their value and attract more of their ideal clients. Elli is on a mission to empower women business owners to banish their fear of being “salesy” and learn how to use copywriting to sell with ease and empathy.

 Lightbulb moment

There wasn’t 1 exact “light bulb” moment per se that brought Elli to this career.

She contributes coming to her niche through a series of events on a very windy road.

Knowing she didn’t want the conventional 9-5 pm kind of life is what drove her to relocate from the US to Madrid, Spain.

Elli says you just have to try a lot of things in the beginning. Then, as you go, you weed out some things and then zone in on elements that you’re great at and love.

For her, she almost had to burn her business down to really rebuild it in a way that resonated with what she liked and who she wanted to serve.

Big truth

Find someone who specializes in the specific copy that you need help with (i.e. website copy, email copy, etc.).

She recommends that before you invest in hiring a copywriter to write a single word for your business, your confident that the product or service you provide has a proven track record. Otherwise, if you hire out sales page copy, for example, for a product/service that hasn’t been tested in the marketplace, it could be a waste of your investment.

Copywriters are not all created equal and we’re not all good at the same things.

Shining a bright light

Many times female entrepreneurs feel shy or uncomfortable in marketing their own services.

Ellie shares that what you’re doing and what you have to offer is valuable and your ideal clients need to hear it.

In that, marketing yourself is actually a way that you are being of service to the people who need you.


Elli’s top tips

  1. If you’re testing a product or service for the first time, it may be a good idea to DIY the copy (with an expert to review, if needed) vs. investing in a copywriter to write it for you.
  2. Survey your audience and ask them for feedback - What resonates with them the most? What are they struggling with the most? This way, you can use their language in your copy, which will resonate much better than “expert speak.”
  3. Record your next discovery call and listen back to how you communicated features and benefits about your service. Getting in the habit of translating your spoken words into the written form can dramatically improve your writing style.
  4. Using a “braindump” doc to capture all of your sales page ideas first can be really helpful in relieving the pressure of having to create the perfect framework. Once you have all of your concepts down, you can then pull out what sounds best and go from there.

Words of wisdom

When launching, it’s important to be repetitive in our emails and social posts describing our offer. In the online world, it’s easy to miss an email or 2, so we have to be repetitive to ensure our audience is aware of our offering. 

Have as many calls to action as possible to guide your prospective client to your main sales offer. Be as focused as possible when you’re in launch mode vs. adding in fluffy off topic tips, etc.

Make sure when you are launching, you are in “launch mode.”


I loved my time with Elli because

Writing our sales and launch copy shouldn’t be an afterthought. I love that Elli specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs design effective copy to promote their products and services. I can attest first hand that Elli prioritizes her clients and delivers reliable advice that makes the launch process easier + more enjoyable.


Connect with Elli: www.ellirunkles.com

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