Elnaz Sarraf: Tech For Change


In this episode, Kc talks with Elnaz Sarraf.

Elnaz is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in technology, business, sales, and marketing. Currently, Elnaz is the CEO and Founder of ROYBI; an investor-backed EdTech company focusing on early childhood education, that recently raised $4.2 million in its seed round. Elnaz is also a Board Member at the Consumer Technology Association, Small Business Council.

Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:

00:00:29  Meet Elnaz And Roybi: How She is Changing Education

00:05:24  How She Deals With Resistance to Artificial Intelligence

00:07:16  Knowing Your Audience And How To Reach Them

00:12:40  How Elnaz Stays Balanced

00:15:14  Listening To Your Body: Signs Of Burnout

00:17:34  Creative Work Environments For Entrepreneurs

00:23:01  Looking Towards The Future of Education And Artificial Intelligence

00:25:43  Elnaz's Bright Light Wisdom

Connect with Elnaz here.

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