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Kristin Jones: Emotional Eating Expert


Here are the highlights of my interview with Kristin Jones: Emotional Eating Expert on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Kristin Jones?

Kristin is the owner of Kristin Jones Coaching. She specializes in helping women address and manage issues with emotional eating and helps them develop a healthy relationship with food that doesn’t involve counting calories or dieting.

Kristin’s hope is to share her knowledge and first-hand experiences with women in order to empower them to truly embrace and love who they are and to learn what they need in order to live their best life ever.

Lightbulb moment

Kristin can remember as far back as age 7 that she was using food to self-soothe. By age 16, she had an “official” eating disorder. But it wasn’t until she was in her 30’s that she admitted to herself and it still took another 15 years until she could actually label her dysfunctional relationship with food as “emotional eating.”

After applying Brene Brown’s work on accepting, forgiving, and re-writing her story, she started to learn how to express her emotions in a healthier way.

Big truth

Kristin admitted that she used food as a way to control her life. Things like being alone would trigger mindless, nighttime eating binges.

“It all comes from that feeling of a hole in your heart (or that hole in your stomach) that can’t be filled with any amount of food...it all has to come from within.”

Many people use outside stimulus to cope with life. Some choose alcohol, other’s sex or gambling. Kristin said she choose food because it was socially acceptable, easy to access, and she couldn’t “get in trouble” for it.

It’s not about the food. It’s about what’s going on inside.


Shining a bright light

Kristin self-published a book to help other’s struggling with emotional eating - When food is your drug, a food addict’s guide to managing emotional eating.

This cathartic experience allowed her direct life experiences to be shared with other people struggling and feeling alone.  

Kristin now sees a common thread of not being valued or affirmed in her clients. She believes people resonate with who they are meant to work with.

You need to feel safe. You need to feel that connection and like [your coach] cares about you and that they’ve been where you are.


Kristin’s top tips

  1. Take 5 - When you find yourself reaching for food, ask yourself How do I physically feel right now? What do I really need at this moment? If it’s not physical hunger, you don’t need food to satisfy the urge. Perhaps you need a hug from your partner, a bubble bath or rest.
  2. Daily Affirmations - Kristin suggests coming up with 5 things that you really like about yourself and repeat them daily. For those needing a little guidance in this area, she recommends using the ThinkUp app (iOS devices only).
  3. Daily Gratitude - You can’t be sad and grateful at the same time. She recommends coming up with a list of 5 things that you’re thankful for first thing in the morning every day.


Kristin’s words of wisdom

If everyone did self-care the world would be a better place.


I loved my time with Kristin because

She’s super passionate about helping women who struggle with not being able to cope with their feelings in a healthy way. I love that she’s dedicated to sharing what she’s learned to support others.

Kristin graciously is providing the Women Developing Brilliance listener’s a free copy of her new book (not including shipping). You can grab your’s here.

Connect with Kristin: www.kristinjonescoaching.com


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