How to Absolutely Get Ready to Receive New Clients Now

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How to Absolutely Get Ready to Receive New Clients Now

 If you’re in business, keeping a steady flow of aligned clients is a high priority. But have you ever paused to reflect if you’re ready to receive new clients? This may sound like a funny question - you might be thinking, of course, I’m ready...bring them on.

But let’s look at it just a little closer - 

Desire and intention are important but that’s just the beginning and actually the easiest part of the equation. We must examine a few more parts to be in the best shape possible for a full client roster.

Energy Alignment

After our intention, comes our energy. Have you or do you spend time getting your energy in alignment? Do you cultivate certainty and confidence that you will book clients? If not, this could be the missing puzzle piece for you.

There are a couple of different ways you can do this - 

You can begin or add to your existing journaling practice priming your day with affirmations and gratitude for your clients and clients to be. Incantations with energy and feeling that you always know what to do, say and sell and that your tribe is attracted to you easily and often. This not only gets you in a daily mode to optimize but it also puts in your order with the Universe and consistently claims an “I’m ready and able” vibe. This is a good thing. Of course, consistency is key. As with anything else, the more we show up, the more return on our effort we will have. So carve out a little space first thing in the morning, even if it’s a 5-minute mono-focused block of time each day.

Plug-in to someone else's high vibe

Another way to get your energy in alignment is to plug into someone who you admire, that’s showing up in a way that’s inspiring to you. Some of my favorites are Ester Hicks and Mel Robbins. I always feel juiced up after even listening to a short clip of theirs.

If you want a double whammy - do both.

Get motivated by a fav and then self-generate your own positive energy. I guarantee you’ll be happier and clearer giving you the boost needed to be a client magnet.

Do your offerings back up your goal?

After your energy is aligned and you’re feeling motivated, make sure that your offerings can back up your money goal. What I mean by this is if you want to make $10 or $20K months review what you are promoting and selling and see if what you’re offering can support your financial desires. If not, it’s time to start diversifying your offerings and be creative. 

I had an associate that wanted to make $20K each month. After she reviewed her offerings it was apparent that she wasn’t set up to achieve that and in reality unless she changed something that financial goal was only going to be an arbitrary number or worse, a pipedream. To her existing low-ticket membership offer, she added private coaching and an online course to her portfolio. This gave her a nice range of products and services and positioned her to be able to reach her goal realistically.

Tip here : 1:1 is the easiest way to hit your income goals ESPECIALLY if your list is small. A group coaching offer or mastermind is a great way to bring in a mid-tier option. Remember with that one though that it helps to have a bigger list because the average conversion rate is 1%. So if you have 5,000 people on your list, you can expect to enroll 50 people. A VIP day or virtual retreat is another way to augment what you currently offer bringing in a nice chunk for a one-time event.

Pro Systems

Another point, that is often missed is systems (including your procedures and onboarding). How are you situated with all that? Are you still manually piecing snippets from here and there like your intake form and booking link in Acuity, a manual email through Gmail, and your contract through Google forms that you have to upload to DocuSign, or even worse, maybe you have no contract at all because you haven’t addressed the legal stuff yet.

Your standard operating procedure matters.

Getting a solid SOP that you are confident in helps you step up to the pro level and gives you peace of mind not to mention it improves your client experience and gives them confidence in enrolling with you.

There are a lot of client management tools that you can use depending on your unique needs. I recently switched to Dubsado because I always admired how streamlined and professional the process was from a client perspective. Everything is linked together from your calendar to your contracts. It’s powerful software with loads of convenient features to run your business smoothly. As you know I’m a fan of the less is more way of living especially when it comes to digital minimalism. Between Kajabi and Dubsado I can manage everything from coaching to courses with just 2 products. 

Side note: Remember to open up spaces on your scheduler for those discovery calls, strategy sessions, and personal consultations. I was working with a client and she was wondering why no one was booking. When we dug in, she had little to no options to connect. Remember to make it easy and convenient for your clients and prospective clients. Open space and availability in your heart and on your calendar - this will be felt and people will start to filter in accordingly.

Ok! You’ve just learned in a nutshell how you can absolutely get ready to receive new clients now.

To recap:

Step 1 - Get your energy in alignment. Develop a daily practice of setting your intention and confidently knowing your desire will manifest in the best way possible for you. Be patient and consistent. Continue to show up as your best self and serve. 

Step 2 - Diversify your offerings so you ensure that you have client options backing up your monthly money goals. Make sure it makes sense and meets a variety of needs addressing a low tier, mid-tier, and high-ticket price point.

Step 3 - Polish and streamline your SOPS - your standard operating procedures. Everything from your proposals to your contracts to your onboarding forms and payment processing has to be dialed in. Putting your system in place is the fastest way to open up the channels for your divine right clients to connect with you and be impressed right from the start.

I believe in you!

Let me know which tip you're going to implement today in my Women Developing Brilliance® Facebook group where we continue conversations.

Also, as always DM me if you have a business, mindset, or leadership question and I’ll create a post just for you.

Until next time...breathe joy!

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