Go Deeper, Not Wider for Better Results

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If you are anything like me, then learning, improving, tweaking, growing, and keeping up with the trends is a fun and exciting part of being an entrepreneur!

I was recently organizing my bookmarks tab and suddenly realized all the courses that I’ve enrolled in over the last couple of years. In addition to the dozens of lead magnets that got me clicking the “Yes, I Want In” button.

But I have a big admission to make to you. Despite my best efforts, I haven’t completed many of the programs that I’ve signed up for. I simply didn’t have the time! And that got me thinking...

Go Deeper, Not Wider

This concept has always resonated with me in the past.

Being interested and capable in many different realms has always tagged me as a “Jane of all trades.” I think this has to do with being an entrepreneur for most of my adult life – where the culture of being the cook, chief, and bottlewasher is commonplace.

But as I get older and keep growing as an entrepreneur, I now realize that what I truly enjoy is going deep with everything in my life. From conversations to travel, my perspective is changing.

I see this even in my food choices. In the past, it was exciting to go to an Indian buffet and try a little bit of everything. I loved the fact that I could sample all of the different dishes that someone took a long time to prepare. The baby scoops of multiple things felt like a treat.

Today, I tune in to what I am truly in the mood for and pick one or two things rather than take on the entire smorgasbord. To eat a little slower and savor the uniqueness of the dish. Again, deeper, not wider. 

How This Can Help Your Business

This mindset is becoming increasingly intriguing to me. I’ve recently been experimenting with how it feels to go deep – with everything from conversations to content marketing to breathing.

As I practice this new philosophy, I’ve been trying to focus on one thing rather than multitasking. I’ve discovered that I experience less mental taxation and stress at the end of the day if I stay on one project at a time. When I “batch tasks” (grouping like items into a time slot with monofocus), it increases my productivity and requires less mental energy exertion overall. 

For another example of this mindset, let’s look at the popular acronym for the word FOCUS:

  • Follow
  • One
  • Course
  • Until
  • Successful

I interpret this acronym both literally and figuratively. I’ve applied it figuratively to such things as my spiritual path, a vitamin regime, or a weight-loss program, and literally to an actual educational course. It works both ways.

Being deliberate with your choices, committing to the plan of action, and staying with one program until you cross the finish line has tremendous value. It will not only help you in the decision-making process when Facebook ads for the “next best thing” pop up, but also paves the way for becoming an expert in your field when you put in the time and energy to go deep vs. scratching the surface on a multitude of topics.

Here’s wishing you depth and fulfillment in all that you choose to commit to.

Until next time…breathe joy,


P.S. Which do you prefer? Going wider, or going deeper? Everyone is different in their process and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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