Heather Gunn Rivera: Advocate of Women’s Strength

In this episode, Kc talks with Heather Gunn Rivera.

Heather has been the co-owner of Grassroots Fitness Project since 2004. Having had an extensive background in playing, coaching and reffing many sports, Heather knows what it's like to work hard, face obstacles, overcome adversity, encourage success and teach to the individual.

Heather and her husband Wil, started Grassroots to make a difference in people's lives from the core, not the surface. Heather holds many personal training certifications and she also holds specialty certifications in pre and post-natal, group fitness, reiki and as a birth doula. Heather loves acting as an advocate for women and girls at all stages of life to find their inner happy and strength and there (she believes) they will find their true health. 

Here are the minute markers for the highlights of this episode:

00:00:58  Heather's Origin Story

00:07:11  How Heather Sees Femininity In The Industry

00:08:35  The Women's Strength Program

00:14:59  How Heather Helps Create Strong Bodies and Strong Minds

00:17:00  Grassroots Fitness Project

00:18:47  The Business Side: Know Your Why

00:21:29  The Mindset That Keeps Heather Mission Fueled

00:23:22  Heather's Bright Light Wisdom

Connect with Heather here.

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