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How Insulated Are You?

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As I am writing this, I’m gazing at an active and playful fire in my woodstove. The flames are a dancing red, deep orange, and purple-gray. In this late fall, it’s become chilly here in Upstate, New York, but at the moment I am completely insulated from the weather conditions.

It got me thinking about the climate of the world and how, being nestled in my secluded home, I am insulated from that as well. I wondered, in what other ways can we protect ourselves from outside discomfort, threats, and emotional warfare that can be a constant in the life of an entrepreneur (or anyone, really)? 

Thankfully, some things are in our control – like how we act, who we trust, what we eat, etc. But other things can fall into a “karmic destiny” category – life lessons that may be painful, who cross our paths, time of death, etc. The latter is usually the hardest to accept, even though they are all out of our hands. In actuality, it has to be more of a surrender than anything else.

So, how do we insulate ourselves to “weather the storm” when things happen that are out of our control? 

Keep your immune system strong and healthy. Building up your reserves not only gives you optimal vitality each day when you are feeling your best, but it will be there to serve you when you need it. If we continually push ourselves, living in “fight or flight” mode and taxing our adrenal system on a regular basis, when the time comes to draw on our stock, the bank account will be in the red.

Foster self-care methods that help relieve everyday tension and stress. Journaling regularly is an example of how we can “let it all out” before we feel like a pressure cooker ready to burst! Expressing daily gratitude, having a buddy to talk with on the regular, and taking brisk walks to boost serotonin levels are all great ways to protect and build our emotional layer.

Having a practice that opens up the space to focus on the “bigger picture” can not be undervalued. Stepping outside of our little world and embracing the whole of what “is” can be an extremely rewarding venture.

This can mean different things to different people. For some, church can give you this feeling, being part of a community. For others, it could mean meditation, exerting the effort to sit with one point of focus to shut down the monkey mind. It could mean a reflective walk in the woods communing with nature. In whatever way you experience spirituality, I’ve found that nurturing this category can provide you with a powerful “insulation” in times of need. 

Money matters. I don’t believe it is the root of all evil, and I also don’t believe that it can buy happiness. But what I am sure of is that financial stress can be incredibly taxing. Setting aside a little bit at a time, even if it feels like it won’t make a difference, can compound into a very welcomed cushion when you need it. Invest in your sanity and start a “rainy day” fund today.

As humans, we don’t have to dwell on the imminent possibilities of danger. Instead, we can take consistent and straightforward steps during the days of sun to keep ourselves warm when the weather shifts. Then, when that change arrives, we will be in a better place to enjoy the sound of raindrops on our secure rooftop as we are warm and insulated under our blanket.

Wishing you security inside and out.

Until next time…breathe joy,


P.S. What steps have you taken to make sure you’re insulated when bad times come calling? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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