How to Deal with Income Loss (as a solopreneur)

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It’s no surprise that 2020 has been a challenging year around the world.

It's not new to any of us that there have been shifts in jobs and wages due to Covid. 

So what about when it goes from a rainy day to a stormy month or months?

As a solopreneur being in the driver’s seat is why many of us were attracted to becoming our own boss to begin with. Ebbs and flows of income are normal but that doesn’t negate the stress and anxiety that can come during a downswing.

In this episode, we will be looking at 3 categories for how to deal with income loss as a solopreneur. Listen as I explain the secret and simple formula to reduce, adjust and pivot to deal with income loss as a solopreneur.

You can definitely do this.

I recommend that you make your plan today and get 1 thing crossed off the list towards your upswing.

You’ve got this! Comment below with what you're going to cross off your list first.

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