Increase Productivity With This 1 Simple Hack

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Do you feel like you keep spinning your wheels?

Like you’re a hungry beast for information anxious to read the next blog, grab the latest white paper, or watch the hottest “how-to video?” I can relate. I am a forever learner. However, I’ve been noticing something and wanted to share how to increase productivity with 1 simple hack.

Are you ready for it?

It’s “Output Before Input”

When we allow ourselves the indulgence of pushing more in before we take action and implement the new thing/concept/plan – it’s totally in vain.

Have you noticed some of the greatest learners get stuck? Some of the most “positive posters” are actually unhappy and lost? It’s interesting.

When we stay in our heads and don’t follow-through to the action phase, we are forever in the ingestion stage. To truly experience benefits, we must go beyond the mind. We must digest, assimilate, and create.

Education without implementation causes suppression. This suppression can lead to overwhelm and even depression. It’s critical that we complete the intake loop in order to come full circle, have a release, and get results.

This all requires action.

I found myself falling into this trap. I installed this cool app to play podcasts in my car. I was so excited! For the most part, I’m usually listening to optimal psychology, holistic wellness, or female entrepreneurial inspiration.

Recently, I had the Marketing Made Easy podcast plugged in. The episode focused on creating a 5-day challenge to boost engagement and increase sales. As I was driving I thought, this is amazing content and when it finished, I was just going to move on to the next episode.

And then something dawned on me! Just hearing about the latest trend wasn’t going to do ANYTHING for my business. That in order to reap the benefits of the information, I had to put it into action and test it out for myself. I needed to create something and as marketing expert Seth Godin says, “Ship it.”

My challenge to you is this before you consume your next informational nugget, take action on the last one first – Output Before Input.

Makes sense right? Yet it’s rarely implemented.

Think about it regarding eating. If you tried to cram in more mouthfuls before you chewed and swallowed, what would happen? You’d choke, of course. Yet, we hardly ever respect our minds with the same principal. Our mental system needs time to process, assimilate, and digest before jamming in more.

Try my “Output Before Input” productivity hack this week.

I guarantee that your productivity will increase, your information overload will decrease, and you’ll have a renewed sense of self-satisfaction when you experience the results first-hand.

If you find yourself only having time to ingest vs. implement then skip it.

The silence will actually have its own benefit.

At some point, you need to get back in the driver’s seat, pick a lane, and follow-through to one destination. Once you start training your mind in this way you’ll be way less scattered and feel better overall.

I would love to hear your results! After trying it out this week, please let me know what and how you did in the comments below.

Until next time…breathe joy,

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