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Irene McKenna: Creating Peace in Parenting


Here are the highlights of my interview with Irene McKenna: Creating Peace in Parenting on Women Developing Brilliance®.

Who is Irene McKenna?

Irene is the owner and founder of Irene McKenna Coaching, the host of the Facebook Community (and soon to be podcast) The Moms Hive and is the creator of the digital course, The Peaceful Parent Playbook. 

She is a parenting coach who empowers moms to cultivate inner peace and awareness to create peace, joy and connection in their family. She guides moms into a powerful mindset shift that allows them to shift their approach to parenting and choose calm in whatever chaos they might be in. It is in this shift that a child's behavior will change. She has the honor to bear witness to the amazing transformation in her own family as well as her clients.

Irene is the mama to two amazing little humans who inspire her daily to grow and learn. She is blessed to raise these two little boys with the love of her life and biggest supporter. She loves to read, dance it out to Bon Jovi and enjoy a cold glass of Kombucha with friends.


Lightbulb moment

After having two kids 15 months apart and being faced with returning to her full-time job as a Physical Therapist, Irene came to a fork in the road. Her path diverted and she began her coaching journey as a health coach. She still found that despite successfully helping other moms like herself focus on their health that she was missing something in her own life. Her lightbulb moment came when someone mentioned that they were a Parenting Coach. All the pieces fell into place and the transformation of her own life and family began. 

From  trying to control her children’s behavior and recognizing a lot about herself, Irene stepped into her new role and began educating not only herself but others.

“It’s about partnership with your child. It’s about working through your emotions. It’s about not using punishments and rewards and consequences.”

She admits it was a messy transformation, but one that has changed their lives.


Big truth

A big truth that a lot of parents are able to discover through her coaching is that our children can be our mirrors if we let them. The energy we give off, children absorb. Some absorb more than others. In order to get the connection with your child that allows them to feel safe in expressing their emotions, parents need to shift their beliefs, pause, and reflect before they react. 

Irene also brings to light the powerful reality of reactions.

“Parenting is this balance between releasing those old stories and letting go of our fears of the future so that we can live in the present moment.”

She talks about how when we are reacting to our child’s behavior or to their feelings, our reactions can tell us that we are in one of two places. One is that we are living from our feelings or past memories that are encoded as feelings from the past, and two is that we are living in the fear of the future. Our reactions tell us that we are stepping out of the moment.

Irene emphasizes how important it is to get into your child’s world and see it from their perspective before we react and tell them what to do. 

Much of Irene’s work with parents and children can be directly related to any realm of life where we may have to step back and analyze our feelings before a reaction is given. 


Shining a bright light

In her work as a Parenting Coach, Irene helps parents tackle all of these feelings and emotions and gives them tools and tips to use. She truly believes that we can change the world if we shift how we parent. Shifting how we respond to a child’s emotions is so powerful. She has created and launched several courses and resources on topics like how to end the power struggles without giving in and steps for communicating with your partner and child. Irene shines a light of hope for parents who are struggling in their current season of life. Here are some of her top tips...


Irene’s top tips

  1. Check in with yourself and the energy you are bringing to the exchange
  2. Do not approach a situation with frustration and anger
  3. Ask yourself- Where are my feelings coming from? 
  4. Connect BEFORE you direct- connect with your child before you give them a direction


Irene’s words of wisdom

Irene’s advice not only works for the parenting realm but also for solopreneurs like herself. It is hard to juggle all the pieces of parenthood and being an entrepreneur all while trying to find balance. 

“I have transformed my definition of balance to not be taking from one to give to another, but intention.”

Self-talk, journaling, movement, meditating, eating nourishing foods, and getting enough sleep are all ways that Irene recommends everyone can combat overwhelm. 

Being enough for yourself in the present moment and moving away from the belief that hard work is honest work is something that Irene believes strongly in.

She wants all listeners to remember that just because your parenting isn’t where you want it to be, it isn’t because you are doing something wrong. There is nothing wrong with seeking help and new tools to help shift your perspective.


I loved my time with Irene’s because

Irene shines some big truths on parenthood that also relate directly to being a solopreneur. She recognizes the energy that a person gives off can be so powerful in any situation whether its parent and child, husband and wife, or business partner and business partner. She really dives deep into the origin of a person's emotions and acknowledges the layers that exist. Irene gives so much great advice for anyone who is looking for ways to better communicate in their lives.

Connect with Irene’s:  https://www.irenemckennacoaching.com/parenting-support

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