How to Joyfully Thrive in Business Regardless of Economic Disruptions

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  How to Joyfully Thrive in Business Regardless of Economic Disruptions

After years of following the same business routine, it’s easy to lose crucial market footing when devastating circumstances occur—such as a global pandemic, economic recession, or natural disaster.

As an entrepreneur, you must persevere in maintaining visibility. In some instances, advance notice of market shifts allows for preparation, such as post-holiday lows. At the same time, other situations come without warning, and you are called to snap into an alert mode with a sense of urgency and readiness.

Surviving versus thriving is a choice. Don’t be held back by limiting beliefs or a lack of action.

3 ways to joyfully thrive in business
regardless of economic disruptions:

  1. Upgrade Your Mindset 

To thrive in life and business, you must be mindful of your attitude. Even though circumstances may be out of your control, a powerful cascade of events unfolds—starting with your thoughts. It's essential to realize that what you think causes you to feel a certain way. That in turn causes you to do certain things that ultimately lead to specific results. It's a chain reaction I call the Mindset Cascade™: Your thoughts instigate your feelings, which influence your action (or non-action), which have a direct influence on your results. 

Think about that for a moment. By shifting your thoughts, you have the power to alter negative emotions and drastically change your direction. This psychological tool is extremely empowering!

Perspective separates the person who feels they are subject to the circumstances versus the leader who rises to the occasion and shifts their mindset looking at the same situation with a curious and problem-solving attitude.

Prioritizing a positive attitude puts you back in control of your business regardless of the circumstances. Take a moment now to practice shifting a limiting belief. How can you expand your mind to see the same situation in a positive light?

  1. Increase Your Visibility

Before increasing market visibility, you need to understand your client's current needs. As circumstances shift, so do the needs and desires of your customers. Connect with them and see what they require now. This is the time to harness your business innovation and create products and services to solve today’s problems.

Even though there may be in-person limitations at times, there are no restrictions on conducting business online. Webinars, tele-summits, masterclasses, masterminds, one-on-one coaching, private consultations, online courses, mini-video series, focused training workshops, podcasts, articles/blogs, expert summits, virtual retreats, and e-commerce are just a few examples of what you can incorporate into your business today.

Technology is more user-friendly than ever before and lends the opportunity to spread your message and help people on a global scale. It’s important to note that your magnetism is the #1 way to attract clients. When you feel better, you perform better. The future of your business depends on consistent performance.

To get into your peak state and have the confidence to put yourself out there, journaling, meditating, moving, and singing are excellent ways to amp up your energy. And, remember to dress for success even if you’re working from home. Otherwise, it can be a challenge to feel like the CEO of your company in yoga pants and fuzzy slippers! 🤓

  1. Take Inspired Action

The most crucial piece of the puzzle is implementation. Make a plan of action by prioritizing income-generating activities (IGA’s). These include delivering a value-driven Livestream, creating a lead magnet to build your audience, or a direct sales message via email with a clear call to action. A pro tip is to focus on your IGA’s first thing in the morning when your brainpower is strong (Swart, 2018). This dedicated routine will become a habit and have the power to transform your business by providing sustainable profitability.

Need accountability to keep you honest? Consider getting a biz buddy that you can connect with once a week to check in and keep one another on track. If you find that you are falling prey to creative avoidance (finding ways to stay busy when in reality, you are avoiding the most important tasks at hand), it’s best to conduct a time audit. For 2 days, keep track of your schedule hour by hour. This is an effective way to see where you are losing valuable time and highlights areas where you can optimize your day.  

Resilience is not letting global turmoil become stumbling blocks to your success. Approach change as an opportunity to not only catapult your career but to help you evolve as a person. By upgrading your mindset, increasing your visibility, and taking consistent inspired action, you set yourself up for unlimited possibilities.


Swart, T. (2018). Let this brain scientist optimize your morning routine. Available: Last accessed 15 December 2020.


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