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Laura Wright: Epic Sales

In this episode, Kc talks with Laura Wright.
With over two decades in sales, Laura has helped many different types of businesses grow and prosper. She has helped over 4,800 artists sell tens of thousands of work, selling and filling multi-million dollar events, turning over 6 figure profits on repeat in real estate, and more recently growing her client's businesses from $250k in revenue to over $1.2 million in approximately 2 years.

In Laura's world, sales aren't sleazy, they are EPIC - Enjoyable, Profitable, Intentional, and Conscious. Learn more on this episode!

Kc and Laura discuss:
Laura's Epic Sales Philosophy; Her Formula for Success
Here is the first step to a great sales experience. Connection. Listen to the rest of Laura's 5 tips for success and how to make sales feel easy.

Importance of Overcoming Objections
There is a difference between being sleazy with sales and knowing when and how your product will improve their lives. Laura gives you examples of potential client objections and how to connect and guide them through their resistance.

The Power of Alignment
Are you undercharging, undervaluing or overworking because you are just taking any and all clients? Learn more about identifying client needs and if they are in alignment with yours. 

Income Generating Activities and Growth Mindset
What's the first thing you can do? Reach out! Laura gives you actionable tips for intentional marketing, how to generate more income for your business, and how to grow personally and professionally.


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