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Here are the highlights of my interview with Karyn Danielle: Lead Better Now on Women Developing Brilliance.

Who is Karyn Danielle?

Karyn Danielle is a leadership coach who spent 20 years working in a diverse range of leadership roles before starting her coaching practice.

From working as a backcountry hut master to restaurant management, to leading a team in the intense pet care industry, she learned the key to leadership success is relationships, after that, everything falls into place.

She now helps leaders build better connections with their team, navigate their relationships, and understand the human side of leadership so they can become better leaders, improve team morale, achieve higher performance, all with less frustration.  

Lightbulb moment

Kayrn learned many valuable lessons in her first leadership role right out of college.

Some were:

  • Know the tactical parts of your job - get your hands dirty
  • Don’t act like you know it all - work side-by-side with your team
  • Cultivate relationships - communicate with each member personally   

This became her signature system which brought her success in all of her future leadership roles.


Shining a bright light

Karyn shared that by recognizing the short space between an action and your reaction is a powerful moment. Taking a breath and being mindful before responding can make all the difference in the world.

She refers to this ½ second decision window as your “veto power.”

This is your opportunity to make a new choice vs. defaulting to auto-pilot.

Big truth

It’s really a mindset shift first that has to happen.

In a leadership role, Karyn recommends instead of inserting yourself in every aspect of the project that you focus on getting each team member to take responsibility for their own actions - trusting them to execute on the skills and talents that you hired them for.

The alternative is when the leader inserts themselves into every step of the process, which in many times results in the leader becoming the bottleneck in situations.

Not micro-managing improves productivity and team morale all around.


Karyn’s words of wisdom

Everyone is a leader - it starts with self-leadership.

Karyn says that leadership shows up in every aspect of your life, it’s not just “on the job.”

Understanding people as individuals and looking at situations from their point of view transforms every relationship.


I loved my time with Karyn because

Her years of leadership experience couples so beautifully with the personal development work that she’s done over the years. The result is a powerful teacher who leads by example. Her philosophy of lifting up the person to the right of you and the person to the left of you has the power to create a ripple effect of positivity, accountability, and goodness.

Connect with Karyn: https://www.karyndanielle.com/


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