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7-figure mindset leadership podcast
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When we see a female woman rising up and creating a life and business that she loves, there is an instant sense of If she can do it, so can I! Iva Paleckova shares her inspirational story of how she went from collecting food stamps in 2019 to having her first million-dollar quarter. If you could use a little re-igniting, this episode is for you!



In this Women Developing Brilliance®  - The Spirit of Business episode, you will learn: 

✴️ What to do when you find yourself in crisis

✴️ The power of taking a step back to re-evaluate

✴️ Why relying on willpower isn’t enough (and what else to do)

✴️ The best way to get re-ignited in your business

✴️ The #1 way to personal and business acceleration


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More on Iva:

People know Iva as the single mom who went from food stamps to a 7-figure business with an infant in 18 months.

Back in 2019 Iva was barely making $700 a month and struggling to pay the bills. Fast forward to 2021 to her most recent million-dollar quarter!

Going through a hyper-growth as a single mom with a newborn (in addition to  COVID restrictions) she had to think outside of the box and create innovative strategies. She now helps others do the same and fall madly in love with their business.

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Impactful empowering conversations! Listening to KC every week gives me the jolt I need during downtime or mundane activities to regroup and take inventory of all that’s going on. Especially with all that’s been going on! Thank you, KC for your thoughtful questions, remarkable insight, and most importantly, your authenticity. Keep it up!

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Episode Transcript:

[00:00:35] Kc Rossi: My guest today is Iva Poleckova. Iva is so inspirational. She is a single mom who went from food stamps to a seven figure business with an infant in 18 months. She's originally from the Czech Republic, and has so much to share. She gives us all the nitty gritties of her journey and what it took to pivot and believe in herself. I know you're going to enjoy this episode. And there's some great advice. So listen till the end so you can implement it, we have an action step invitation. So definitely listen till the end. And you can always share your aha moments and the women developing brilliance Facebook group, but for now enjoy the show. Hey Iva, welcome to the show.

[00:01:23] Iva Paleckova: Hi. So nice to be here. Thank you so much.

[00:01:27] Kc Rossi: Yeah, I am really excited to dive in with you. I feel like we have a lot in common from just the brief chat that we've had on the pre show. And so I'm really excited to hear more about you and your journey, what lights you up, how you want to close out 2021 strong and also ring in 2022. So I've got a tonne of questions for you. But I first want to turn it over. And if you want to let the listeners know a little bit about your journey, because I know that you went from being a single mom and food stamps all the way to a seven figure, female entrepreneur who's rocking it in her space. So if you wanted to share with us one of Your strongest pivots in business, what would that be?

[00:02:12] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, that's a really great question. I think I want to bring you back into 2019 when I had to had to restart this business over. So before that in 2019. And before what I was doing, my business was offline based. I would go to different speaking opportunities. I would go to different female entrepreneurial organisations, I would deliver a talk, right I would show up, do a talk, ask people to sign up for a consult. They would speak to me I would close clients and I would move on. And I honestly loved it. I really enjoyed it. I was doing a lot of travelling in 2019 I visited 30 different states. Wow. Yeah, amazing. And I ended up getting an RV because I really, really love travelling and just you know, visiting different national parks and state parks and doing lots of meditating in between doing lots of spiritual work, which is really important to me. And I had somebody join me on that journey. And you know, my partner at the time, it was really, really great time we were writing books together, we had some coaching clients together, we had the, you know, had a business coaching practice, but then the spiritual coaching practice branch, and we were running back together. And it was really, really amazing, right? Like, this is 2019 Freak. COVID you can like everything is in person, right? Just really awesome. Until  July 1 2019, I found out that I was pregnant, which I was super excited about, right? I'm like, Oh my gosh, after 10 years of trying like this is finally happening, right? And four days later on July 5 That was the last time I saw him. He literally disappeared. Wow. When like it was I cannot even begin to tell you you know, I think some of the moms who are listening to get an idea what that was like but it was heartbreaking. It was shocking. And the first thing that came to my head oh my gosh, like who is the kind of person that gets abandoned after three days of pregnancy you know, wow. And the whole like guilt and shame of it. To begin with. That was the first thing that I you know, had to deal with and the heartbreak and the sadness and the oh my gosh, like what you know, and then this Okay, number one, I'm going to be a single mom. Number two, I don't have any family living in the US, right my entire family's from Eastern Europe so I don't have any relatives. Number three, I can't travel anymore because every time I tried to sit behind the wheel I get sick. Oh geez. Okay, So speaking is over, I had to go and cancel 35 speaking engagements, I had to send all these emails and messages. I'm so sorry, guys, I'm not gonna be able to show up because I can't get there. Without puking all day. I'm not driving there, right? And so now, what happened? You know, pivoting, right? Okay, I have to build my business online from here on out. And it was absolutely terrible, like, terrible make all the mistakes you can imagine. First of all, we're gonna launch the courses, right? I'm gonna record this great course I'm gonna build a funnel, which is what I think everybody first tries to try to do, right? And we spent all the money we had on Facebook ads, and my VA support. And two months later, I think of us. This is like September and October, I you know, I'm not making this up, I just checked my bank account balance from October 2019, I was down to $700 in my bank account.

[00:06:03] Kc Rossi: That's incredible. I can't even imagine what your emotional state was at that point.

[00:06:09] Iva Paleckova: Not pretty. Now pretty, just not pretty. And it was this, oh, my God, you know, like, what do I do? Do I find a job, I wake up in the middle of the night and go apply for 130 jobs. And indeed, because I had it like a responsible parent should not be running their business, you know, I should get a job to bring the money in. And I was this close to doing that wide. This close to I was about to get an offer to be ahead of engineering, which is so not my thing. But I've run a restaurant at Moana restaurant in my past life, right? So. But they're like, Well if you can manage your restaurant, you can manage your engineering department. So I was going to take the job there was like this. No, no, no, no. So not my purpose, so my passion. I, you know, my team will tell you I do not like tech. There's just like that. That's so now my thing like why, you know, it's very close to doing that. And we decided to have the biggest pivot, and biggest mindset shift. And I know you talk quite a bit about mindset shifts, and, you know, letting go of perfectionism and things like that. And it's one of the things that I had to go move through. And I said, you know, the things that worked in offline world, they worked for a reason, I would show up, I would connect with people, I would deliver value, you know, and then people would sign up and work with me, right? 

[00:07:29 ] Kc Rossi: I love that. I love that you brought it all the way back to basics. And I think that so many times one, we're looking outside for the proper framework or the perfect, you know, 123 system that someone has tried, and it may very well have worked for them. And like you said, I think most entrepreneurs are trying to do all the things because they have this fear of missing out. So it's like, let me do the evergreen thing, let me build a funnel. No, let me do a membership site. No, let me do an online course. And the whole thing. So I really want to lift you up for taking a pause, stepping back and saying Wait, I had success. Let me just breathe into what that was for me. What was it? That worked? So yeah, continue on. I'm digging the story.

[00:08:24] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, yeah. And it went up from there. You know, it was not always easy. But we literally went from, you know, 700 bucks in my bank account to having our first million-dollar quarter earlier to share. 

[00:08:35] Kc Rossi: Congratulations. 

[00:08:40] Iva Paleckova: You know, it was a journey that, you know, I can share as much as I can with you. But you know, it wasn't always easy. There's a lot of things that I had to let go of how things would look like, but I said, you know when I decided there was a day so remember this like, I was so low, I went to, Do you know what WIC is? It's like food stamps for pregnant mothers. So I'm like literally applying for WIC, and figuring out how am I going to get the child support when you know, the biological father literally fled the country. It's nowhere to be found blocked me on all social media, like no support, no money, what am I doing? And then I said, You know what, if I can figure this out this impossible situation, then you know if I can figure it out, anybody can you know?

[00:09:32] Kc Rossi: and you figured it out quickly. I mean, it's really astonishing that you it's just literally been a little bit over two years, right from that moment in 2019. In the summer to now to be hitting those kinds of numbers and figures is quite amazing. That being said, I do feel that because you traverse the territory yourself. You went over those rocky roads. You're the best person To help people, you know, it's not just academic knowledge. It's not just theory. And I think that that's something to really point out, especially now, I don't know about you, Eva. But what I've seen is like all of a sudden there are tonnes of business coaches online, all of a sudden there are tonnes of life coaches online. And I think that it's for the consumer. And I've seen and heard from women that have gotten burned from investing in a high ticket offer. Yeah, with someone that has like a glossy website. Awesome. But where's the experience? And where are the results that back that up? So I love the fact that you're sharing the nitty-gritty details of your story, because it's like, holy crap, you know, to go from food stamps to seven figures. And to have the moxie to not only like, I feel like listening to part of your story, you've had moxie all along, you can kind of tell that even with your cool haircut, you know, you're sassy, you're not in the box, right? So I feel like even having dozens and dozens of speaking gigs in the pipeline prior to this pivot just shows your tenacity, but then also to be like, hey, you know, I'm gonna go all-in on this and shift and then to get that kind of results. It's, it's very incredible. So I do want to point out those qualities of perseverance, and being, unafraid, and like just pouring your whole self into your goal.


[00:11:24] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. You know, I would not say I was unafraid. I will tell you, there were a night sweats. And there were tears because I was living in Pueblo, Colorado, which is not a place you want to live in Colorado, you know, Colorado is a beautiful state. But Pueblo is where you go where you when you cannot afford the rent in Boulder, right? So I'm there and I'm like, how am I going to provide for my newborn, you know, and she's on the way and it was, but it's it's like, you know, when you're, when you're in the situation, you have to say I almost had to be religious about my mindset. You know, it was like, I would I remember I went to the Walmart, in Pueblo, and I got this whiteboard, eight and a half by 11. I write seven. It's so cheesy, right? Seven-figure single happy mom on this, and I put it in a shower. So I'm forced to stare at it when I'm doing my hair conditioning treatment, right? And I said, you know, I'm going to instead of, oh my god, I have to spend money on this or that. It's like, I get to money on spend money on this, right? I've done things before I can do this. You know, every single day gratitude eight times a day. I was religious about it when I was religious. And you know, it's not what I practice. Now my mindset practice of switch dramatically, because now it's more about releasing and letting go and create a next version of who I am. Right. But at the beginning, when you're digging yourself out of a hole, then you're gonna go like, Oh my gosh, like hardcore gratitude. I'm gonna flip myself out of this, like no matter what, right? And then well, you know, and then what most entrepreneurs what I see them doing, and I'm sure you see the same thing. There's so much hiding. There's so much spaghetti throwing, like you said, right, like, do the course. Oh, nevermind, do the membership. Nevermind, didn't do the next thing and then get on Tiktok and get on this and get on that. Oh, wait, that didn't work. You know, we actually said we'll just going to stick to one thing to it over and over and over. We started doing virtual retreats, which was really fun. It was I was terrible at it the beginning, right? I had some speaking experience, but online. Oh my god, I was terrified to go live for the first time. Like, what if nobody watches, but if nobody comments what's gonna happen, you know, they look totally dumb on camera. And we started doing retreats on Zoom. And the first one did not go well. Right? We close 3k in revenue. tours like, okay, that's not great for a business coach. Right? I was one of those people, right? Oh, I don't know, blind leading the blind a little bit, quite frankly, you know, I had business experience in the past. Right? But not with this. So is a little bit like, 

[00:14:04] Kc Rossi: Absolutely. And we all start somewhere. So caveat to that statement, you know, it's you have to start somewhere. And I think it goes back to bringing your full self and showing up in the integrity being really, you know, open about where you are, and then failing fast, you know, so you can iterate and improve it. So for listeners that maybe have never done a virtual retreat before, if you could expand a little bit on that and maybe share some of your top tips. I'm even curious about one of your biggest blunders when he first started doing virtual retreats. But if we have a female entrepreneur that's listening and going, Gosh, I've never done that. That's kind of interesting, but I have no idea how to go about it. Could you share some of your top tips?

[00:14:46] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, of course. You know, in a nutshell, we have tried anything. You know, we started with like 10 Day wide events, which I did not like. It was too much. Speaking of like blenders like. You know, we have had like our Facebook accounts shut down to where I couldn't even go live, or I couldn't contact anybody. We have had, oh my gosh, so many things happening. I can't even tell you right internet connection issues like you name it, but the nature of it being like a live event or a zoom event so that people kind of know, you know, that's what's going to happen. I always tell them on day one, hey, this is live. So things are gonna happen. And you know, you might hear a baby screaming in the background, I might take a break, because I have to go be with Lexie, you know, my daughter is now 20 months, 21 months old, right. But when we first started, you know, it was not a huge success. But we said, you know, I'm not that great at teaching online. I don't really know what I'm doing yet. But I'm going to do it until I figure it out. Right. So our second retreat was 21k. And that was a week and a half before Lexi was born. And we launched our group programme out of it, literally the best decision of my life to launch a group coaching programme, because I don't know how I would ever do this, you know, as a single mom to a toddler now, without, you know, running a group coaching practice, it would just not be possible, right. And then we had a 42, and then at 84. And then we had some dips, you know, but we did them every eight weeks, like just clockwork, you know, every eight weeks, and then I take a week off after, you know, now it's now it's less retreats and more breaks. But it's about what it was. And, you know, our biggest one today has been about 516 revenue. So that's amazing.

[00:16:33] Kc Rossi: How do you structure your virtual retreats? Yeah, so,

[00:16:36] Iva Paleckova: You know, it's, it just depends on the retreat. But typically, we teach for seven days, I show up, and I teach and Emerson, sometimes it's, it's people in my team teaching as well, you know, teaching, they're on their expertise, but most of the times, it's me, and just go and teach for 45 minutes, you know, sometimes I go longer, I do a lot of experiential stuff, right? Because you know, the next I'm not doing the next one till January, but I really want to add some breath work and some emotional release, because I found that, you know, I can tell people all day long what to do. And as you know, they're going to not do it, they're going to fall into their perfectionism, they're going to find the reasons and the ways and it's just in the human nature. So for me, it's like 80% of the emotional work and the mindset work so that they actually can write

[00:17:34] Kc Rossi: Absolutely, it's all about the experience. And I think that that to your point, that's one of the pitfalls that we have to be so careful, not only personally, but I think collectively is not over consuming the theory, but putting it into practice having an experience, you know, and embodying. So if we have a listener that's like, okay, seven days of teaching that sounds similar to maybe like a five day Facebook challenge. What do you say to that? What are the similarities? What are the differences between a 3,5,7 10 day Facebook challenge versus a virtual retreat?

[00:18:09] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, so so it really, you know, we tried all the formats, all the formats, anything between like, 10 days to like, down to 20 minutes, and five days and a day, and two and a half days. So we have tried it all. And this is really my favourite, because it gives me enough time to really bring people into an experience. And also just have time to develop those relationships where people actually move somewhere with it, you know? Because typically, when we did two and a half day and five day it was like, Oh, my gosh, it's over. You know, what happened? And I didn't even feel connected to the room, you know? And that was big for me. Because like, I like to feel connected.

[00:18:55] Kc Rossi: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So with what I'm assuming is with the five day or the seven, or whatever day it is, when you're looking at a Facebook challenge. Typically, you see those as a non paid event with a virtual retreat. Is there an investment for the participant?

[00:19:18] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, so sometimes most of the times we don't we have played with the idea. And I've done some paid workshops in the past. And, you know, there's some pros and cons. You know, people tell, you know, if you don't ask people to pay, then they will commit and there's some truth to it. But here's the thing with paid events right now, what happens is that you have to get people into it. And right now, what's going on with the online space is that you know, with cost per lead, I don't know if you've been watching what's going on with Facebook, right? But the cost per lead what we used to pay like five to $8 cost per lead right now is 100 $200 cost per lead and people's accounts get shut down. So in order for you to try to get people to register into a paid event, you're gonna spend so much money, you're not going to make any money on it. Right? Yeah,

[00:20:08] Kc Rossi: That’s such a good tip, I really want to underscore that that the times have changed. You know, and what used to work even a year ago is different right now with paid advertising. So I appreciate that. That's, that's so valuable for people to learn from the stumblings, you know, that you've had and like, where are you now?

[00:20:26] Iva Paleckova: Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah,

[00:20:27] Kc Rossi: That’s amazing. You talk a lot about not relying solely on willpower, and I would love to hear you expand on that concept.

[00:20:36] Iva Paleckova: Hmm. Yeah. Thank you so much for that question. So, um, the funny thing, you know, as I started growing my company, I realised, you know, one thing, and I think you already know this, and everybody knows this, like, getting to seven figures, right, you think that you're gonna get there, you're gonna be happy, right? And that's going to be it. Like, if I achieved this one thing, then that's what's going to make me happy. Right? The problem with that is that if you don't know who you are, and if you don't have stuff processed, then seven figures or multi seven figures just brings more problems. Right, it just break brings different set of problems. So what happens as you scale is that now you have more clients, and clients are not always happy, right? Clients are there to have problems, right? To bring you set of problems, you have a team, and your team isn't always happy. Right? And so you are just dealing with the just whole another animal and what people think, is, okay, if I just make it to multi six, or six, or seven, or wherever, then things are gonna be awesome. And I'm just gonna, like, really have a breath of relief, and it's just going to be easy. And it's the opposite of that. Right? So, you know, what I tell people is that, you know, if you want to build a seven figure practice, you need to expand your capacity, your emotional safety, with what's going on in your business in order to be able to be there comfortably. Does that make sense? But I'm saying absolutely. 100%. Yeah. And so people think, you know, at the beginning, you know, when I was starting my business coaching practice, I had a capacity for maybe three clients, right? If you gave me 100 clients, I would be like, Oh, my gosh, you know, I'd be texting them at 2am being anxious, over, are they getting the results? Are they not getting results? What's happening, you know, you know, the guilt and shame that they're, you know, when they're struggling, or whatever it is, right? So what we need to realize is that, if you want to build a practice that is 2x 3x 5x 10x, then what, where are you at, right? Now, you have to have the emotional capacity to face it. Right. And this is where people make many, many mistakes, going into the funnel routes going into, I'm just gonna run a bunch of ads and pre-recorded courses, because that does not increase ever anybody's capacity is just throwing stuff on the wall, throwing some content stuff on the wall, it's never going to grow you. Right? So you know, when people ask, like, okay, you know, how could I grow myself faster? You know, I tell them to go to what's really, really emotionally difficult. Do those things first, because it's going to grow you like crazy. And people don't want to hear that, right? Who doesn't want to do that? Like, they don't want to do a podcast, right? Because it's scary. They don't want to be a guest on a podcast, they don't have other people come on their podcast, because that's emotionally unsafe. Right? They don't want to go live on Facebook, they don't want to do retreats, they want to, you know, put some content up over the wall, you know, put it on Instagram and hope that something's gonna happen, right? That's such a brilliant,

[00:24:01] Kc Rossi: That's such a brilliant distinction Iva. Just I want to just let you know that because in the first scenario that you talked about, as far as building a funnel, building a course, slapping up a Facebook ad, where are you? Where's your authentic personality? Where's the connection? Where's the relationship that you were talking about earlier? And it really goes back to when you literally analysed what works before in my offline business. And it was showing up having human connection and providing value. So I love that you overlaid your past experiences into your new pivot. And that's where you saw success again, which is absolutely incredible. And it is scary. It's scary to go into that emotional space. And I agree with you that that is what expands us personally. That's where we see the most personal and spiritual development and then we bring ourselves with us wherever we go. So of course, our business is going to reflect that growth level. that. Also, circling back to a couple of the things that you did personally to pull yourself out of that hole, what I heard from you is visioning and gratitude. And I know a lot of listeners right now are experiencing burnout and being fried, and maybe, to some extent, a little bit of hopelessness because it's like, holy shit, it's November 1, I got two months left of this year, how am I going to hit my goals? And I think they're also a little fried on even content creation, if they're hearing crickets, or like you said if they've put out an offer, but they're not really filling those seats. I'm wondering what advice you can give those listeners to get reignited with their business? Hmm.

[00:25:49] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, so two parts to this, right. So number one, and I'm going to be a little bit rude on you for a second. So the point of a business is not to accumulate, not to say for 401 K, right not to buy a second retreat house, or second, you know, vacation house or whatever, although that's all fine. Right? The point of business is the same as point in life in general, and that is to grow you. Right? For you to transcend for you to let go of anything that is not you anything that's holding you back. Right? So when you say things like, you know, people are feeling hopeless, people are feeling disappointed, right. And that's the thing, that's exactly what we need to experience and move through and surrender in order to become the next level of person I've had so many times this year, even in last year, and especially in 2019, when I felt totally hopeless, right? We felt so much just oh my gosh, why is this happening? What's happening? Why is no, not everybody? Why is nobody responding to this the disappointment, right. And there's two kinds of people, there's people who are so afraid of the emotion of disappointment, right? And the feeling of oh, my gosh, I failed yet another launch, that they just won't, right, they will retreat, and they will shut down and their business will go away. Right? Because it's constant heartbreak, it doesn't matter where you're at, in your business, right at the beginning, it's all about getting the first client or second and fifth clients, you know, at the higher levels, it's about, you know, your clients renewing or not renewing, it's about, you know, now you're not dealing with 10 people in Zoom, you're dealing with 300 people in Zoom, right? And, you know, and the disappointments that go with that the, the emotional stuff that you go through is different in every level. But what's really important, is look at it this way, like, Okay, your business is giving you this, you know, at the beginning, it's going to be crickets, or maybe some negative feedback, or you'll reach out to somebody and they will have they'll snap back or something, you know, they're like, Oh, don't bother me with your DMs or whatever it is, right? And it's exactly what you need to sit with. And to process through it, in order to transmute that emotion. And like go with for good. So you can move to the next frequency as a business owner that makes sense.

[00:28:26] Kc Rossi: 100% I'm loving this gorgeous wisdom. Yes.

[00:28:32] Iva Paleckova: Yeah, but the thing is, most of our lives what we do, is that we try to avoid experiencing certain emotions. Right? We will do anything we can to not experience fear, to not experience disappointment to not experience uncertainty, which is one of the scariest things for entrepreneurs. They just can't be with it. But you never know. Right? You do launch? I don't know. Am I gonna get one client or zero or 30? Have no idea, right? There's uncertainty. There is security, right? That we need to let go of attachment to as well, right. And all the feelings but we do all these things to not feel these feelings. And what I tell people the resilience, what resilience actually is, is the opposite. It's not having these experiences, because they don't go away. Right? There are always going to be difficult emotions. But what resilience is, is the ability to actually be with those feelings, which is nothing other than sensations.

[00:29:43] Kc Rossi: Exactly. It's presencing. And to your point, when you step into that space of unknown uncertainty and fear, that is where the gold lies. That's when we expand our capacity like you said, I mean, it is absolutely gorgeous wisdom. You can feel Truth in your words, which I so appreciate because there is that sense of walking the talk, right? This isn't lip service, this is actually putting your feet to the hot coals and walking that yourself and then sharing what you've learned, and encouraging other people to have that experience because they can get motivated by hearing your story, they can get inspired by seeing you traverse the tough terrain, but they will not have personal transformation unless they actually walk on those hot coals. Yeah, themself.

[00:30:33] Iva Paleckova: Exactly. You will not have transformation out of listening to content and trainings, you actually have to be willing to step through the difficult stuff, be willing to feel it all. You can't control it all. You have to surrender at some point, take the action, but then trust, right, you'll have no certainty, no security, no perfect security in your business. Right? You're never going to know how it's going to land. We don't want to be judged. We always, you know, have this like, Oh, I hope people like it. And you don't know how that's going to turn out either. Right? I've had a retreat, you know, asked me about retreat stuff. I remember the first time we had a larger group on zoom on day one of the retreat, it was I think it was like 150 200 people. And it was just, you know, the chat was like too much to almost look at. But then I saw this one thing in the chat. And I was on day one, and I'm introducing myself, and I'm sharing my story. And you know, and trying to get people to commit to showing up the whole week and whatever, we have about 10 minutes, right? And somebody puts in the chat, like, Oh my God, why is she talking about herself for so long? Oh, wow. Right. And it's stuff like that. And you're on zoom in front of so many people, and you're like, oh, my gosh, and sometimes I'll get like direct messages. Like sometimes, you know, people don't play it publicly, but they'll like, send you stuff like that, right? And if I did that, like even months before that, I swear I would cry. You know? But it's like, yeah, yeah, those things will happen. And it's all. So just you can move through it. And you can know you can do it. Right. And I don't want to scare people, because growing your business and building your business is such an amazing journey to because who you get to be when you clear all these things. Now, you know, I teach six, seven hours a week in my program, I literally never have to prepare, I just talk off the cuff. You know, I'm so clear, like my connection is so clear that I know what to say when to say how to say it to make a difference with my clients. I don't have to prepare for my podcasts or for you know, retreats that I'm leading, right. So when you move through this stuff emotionally, it clears up so much. And you know, where we're now in life. It's also you know, bring it back to for circle, right? We live in Costa Rica, I work four days a week, we have done so much travelling, you know, I have a full time nanny, which you might have heard her cooking, and I'm like, Hey, stop doing the eggs. Right now. We're doing a podcast interview, right? Yeah.

[00:33:18] Kc Rossi: But that's real life. And I love it. And it just shows when you're tapped in when you continue to show up for yourself and do the work. I love the aspect that I heard from you, as far as surrendering into success, keeps showing up. But let go of the attachment. Such a beautiful message. How can people learn more about you and leaders break free?

[00:33:40] Iva Paleckova: Oh, thank you so much for the question. So number one, leaders break free podcast. You know, we don't have any retreats right now, because we're taking a break from launching, but we do have one coming up on January 10th. So I'm gonna send you the link so it can go into broadcast notes. But that's going to be we're only going to be doing two next year. And this is one of them, it's going to be amazing. For anybody who is listening to this and they're inspired by it, please come and be part of it. It's free, as you know. And you'll get to meet a whole bunch of entrepreneurs just like you and do the work with us. And we're going to be mapping out the entire 2022 together. So I'm really, really excited about that.

[00:34:19] Kc Rossi: Awesome. I'll definitely add the link in the show notes. That's amazing. You shared some actionable tips and a lot of inspiration from your personal story. If you wanted to drop just one more piece of bright light wisdom before we wrap up, what would it be?

[00:34:36] Iva Paleckova: Hmm. Let me see if I can think of something. You know, I don't think I'm going to share anything new but I want to bring back to what I always tell people if you want to grow your business fast, go to what's hard, and I'm not talking about go to what's hard work. Right? Don't go and work 60 hour work weeks because that's not what I'm talking about, but go to what's scare you the most, right, do that first. Like I see people being so busy with the 99 things and checking all their boxes, right? And that's their safety, right? If I can, like keep myself busy and have my spreadsheet and check my boxes and do this, this and the other, they think that it's going to lead somebody usually doesn't. It's the one thing that you are scared that you're avoiding the most, you know, whether it's reaching out to the past client and asking for a call, or asking for the next referral or going live or, you know, hiring your first VA, whatever that thing is. And you know, if you're listening to this, you know what that thing is? Yes, we all know what that thing is for us.

[00:35:42] Kc Rossi: It comes up immediately front and center in your mind. So I love that. And I really want to invite the listeners to take action on your bright light wisdom and pause for a moment and really be honest with yourself, let that one thing bubble up front and center in your mind, and commit to yourself to take action. So you can experience leveling up and realizing that when you move towards it, that's where your biggest gains are going to be personally and in business. Awesome. Eva, thank you so so much. It's been an absolute pleasure until we connect again, my friend, breathe joy.

[00:36:18] Iva Paleckova: Thank you so much for having me.

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