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Learn to be Flexible

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A new season is upon us. Are you ready for change?

Whenever there is a change in course or a shift, whether it be globally or individually there is a natural tendency to put walls up. This is an innate protection mechanism, to shield our person and armor what we value.

Of late, we have had several changes that may have caused some ripples in our own life. Political changes, weather changes, energetic changes…many of which are out of our hands.

How can we deal with these outside influences that affect everything from our mood to our bottom line?

Learn to be flexible.

Structure, foundation, rigidity — all provide value and service, at times. Hardness can hold things together, but when it becomes too brittle and set in its ways, it can crumble everything from a house foundation to a relationship.

I am rarely at a loss when it comes to having an opinion and appreciate routine, deadlines, and boundaries. However, being flexible, especially in times of change and/or uncertainty is a must. It not only helps reduce your stress level (and those around you), it can soften the blow of difficult situations as well.

Taking a breath before you react can be worth its weight in gold. Quickly scanning your response when it’s still at the mental and not verbal state allows you to ensure your words won’t be delivered with a sharp edge.

It may be challenging if you are an entrepreneurial go-getter known for quick wit and “to the point” communication — but learning how to integrate softness will no doubt serve you long-term.

You could practice on little things to improve your mental flexibility. Like picking another movie if you get to the theater when the flick you had your heart set on is sold out or shifting a meeting time to a slot that you always have blocked off. Practicing “bending” with non-crucial items can limber you up for the times when it’s really important to exercise grace and agility.

Also, surrounding yourself with soft things can help your system appreciate that quality. A cozy blanket, a cuddly kitty — these textile luxuries can help soothe the soul.

Remember, “like begets like.”

Being around the water element is another wonderful way to add smooth, flowing characteristics to our personality. Sitting pensively by a river, floating in the ocean, even settling into a warm bath can offer a soothing counterpart to foundational rigidity and ego defense tactics.

Lastly, practicing malleable exercises like stretching, yoga, and pilates approaches the subject of flexibility literally from the physical perspective.

We are complex beings made up of physical, mental, and emotional bodies. When it comes to trying to change an ingrained behavior and make an internal shift, taking a look at each layer will bring amplified results.

Adopting flexibility into our lifestyle ensures we’ll be ready for the course no matter which way the wind blows! If you need a little help with “rigorous training for brain health” you can check out BrainHQ which has science-based exercises developed to improve everything from people skills to navigation and more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Do you have a technique that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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