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Leverage Your Instagram with Molly Cahill

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Business today won’t survive without social media. Many of us, if not all, think that our social media strategy works if our posts gain a lot of likes, comments, and shares. Though it’s true that we can use that metric to know which posts work well with our audience, it’s not always the basis of your social media content strategy’s success. 


My guest today is Molly Cahill. She is an Instagram Expert and a Marketing Coach. Molly actually is an accidental entrepreneur. When she became friends with her chiropractor, she was asked if she could help with her Instagram. And the rest was history. She now teaches health and wellness pros how to leverage Instagram in a way that works for their schedule without obsessing over likes, comments and follower counts through her program, the holistic marketing hub.




In this episode, Molly walks us through how to leverage Instagram without obsessing over vanity metrics. She also teaches us how we can optimize our content (including reels) without overdoing it and in a way that we still feel good for our personality.




Episode Highlights:

5:06 The importance of curating your own content

11:32 Optimizing Instagram stories

14:08 The perfect time to add another platform to market your business 

15:26 Is it true that Instagram is for a younger audience

18:33 Instagram Reels as a way to gain engagement fast

22:11 Bonus tips on how to leverage your Instagram account and engage with your target market

25:32 Keep track of your metrics to know if what you're doing is working

28:35 The Five Content pillars of leveraging your content in ways that you can still be yourself



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