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Here are the highlights of my interview with Linda Heeler: Live Life Inspired on Women Developing Brilliance®.

Who is Linda Heeler?

As an ontologically-trained coach, Linda provides her clients with the tools and skills necessary so they immediately begin to transform their lives. She brings a unique set of skills developed from her experience as someone who has lived with anxiety. 

Linda is a 2010 graduate of Accomplishment Coaching’s Coach Training Program in NYC. After graduating, she earned a place on AC’s Leadership Team where she trained and mentored coaches for an additional 2 years. She has over 500 hours of coach training and has earned her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the International Coach Federation. Before becoming a coach, Linda worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist in the Rochester area for 27 years.


Lightbulb moment

According to the outside world, Linda had it all. Underneath, Linda thought she was broken. Having that heightened sense of self, Linda knew that despite the self-help books she was delving into, she needed more. Working through a lot of social anxiety and fear through counseling, she hired a life coach and soon realized that it was her and only her that was holding her back. It was in that transition from counseling to coaching, that Linda realized the invaluable connection between the two and just how powerful they are in squashing those limiting beliefs. 

Counseling is about healing the wounds of the past. Coaching picks up where counseling leaves off. Where do I want to be? Where do I keep getting stuck?


Big truth

Linda talks about how many of us develop survival mechanisms during our childhood years. We often make up stories in our heads full of limiting beliefs. These beliefs may be about ourselves or about others. Because of these false truths, most of us are conditioned to believe that we are broken. Linda’s job as a coach is to show people the work they need to do to form that positive relationship with themselves so that they don’t feel broken.

Your confidence comes when you finally get to meet the real you underneath all of those thoughts and limiting beliefs.

This solopreneur journey can be tough, especially as the magnifying glass is held over us, our brand. The insecurities we have are revealed for all to see. We have to shatter those self-imposed ceilings we put on our own selves. 


Shining a bright light

Linda’s personal journey through anxiety and fear has lead her to shine a bright light on these issues that are keeping us in a small box. She walks her clients through their feelings to dig deeper into what is at the root of the problems they want to solve. Understanding the feeling and identifying the thought that caused that feeling is so powerful.  

Understanding the link between emotions and how they trigger our reactions is so powerful. Once you get to the kernel, you have just unlocked your destiny.

One of the biggest problems is that people become chameleons and show up for how other people want you to show up instead of showing up for themselves. Being in tune with yourself and your feelings, identifying what it is that you like, what appeals to you, these things allow you to form your own opinions and be yourself. 


Linda’s top tips

  1. Pay attention to your energy and where you need to give it. Family? Friends? Work?
  2. Do the work of transforming your own thoughts. You are the only one that can change how you think!
  3. Stop trying to fix everyone else! You have permission to focus on YOU!


Linda’s words of wisdom

Linda challenges every woman to be the change we want to see. We need more kindness, empathy, and compassion. Give yourself permission to start within by changing your focus to yourself. We don’t understand how powerful we truly are. No one is going to drag us across the finish line. 

We can’t change anyone except ourselves, and that is more than enough.

I loved my time with Linda because

I could feel the truth in her message resonate deep in my soul. Her personal transformation and the transformation work she does with her clients is challenging but so rewarding. I enjoyed hearing about the blocks that Linda has busted through and the progress she has made moving forward. How inspiring it is to share that power of transformation with others in her daily life. 

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