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Manisha Sheth: Nurturing Mama

In this episode, I talk with Manisha Sheth. 

Manisha is a mom of 3 and the founder of Nurturing Mama. She supports moms and their mental health from pregnancy to toddlerhood. She's a certified antenatal & hypnobirthing teacher, birth & postpartum doula, and also a trainee counselor.

Through the challenges she faced when she had her 3 boys, she found there was a huge lack of support for moms as well as high expectations to be perfect. With these 2 combined, she's seen how it's increased the rates of maternal mental health conditions. Manisha is now dedicated to supporting moms using evidence-based education, effective tools, and non-judgemental support tailored to them. 

Manisha and I discuss:
How To Cultivate A Support System
Manisha speaks about how living far away from friends and family during the struggle of conception and then parenthood added to her stress and why having a support system is critical. 

How Mental Health Issues Affect Everyone
People don't often talk about mental health issues for moms or caregivers, but the impacts are felt by the entire family. Manisha talks about her journey with postpartum mental health and the importance of knowing the signs and getting help right away. We also talk about the future of mental health for pregnant women and postpartum moms.

Knowing That Your Current Story Doesn't Define Your Future
You might be stuck in a season of difficulty, depression, or even struggling with work-life balance. New mom or seasoned professional, it can be hard to see through to the other side and know that you don't have to accept where you are if it doesn't serve you.

Motherhood Isn't Meant To Be A Sacrifice
We often hear the negative stories of motherhood from birth to raising teenagers. Manisha reminds women not to lose themselves in motherhood and to shine a light on the positive and beautiful moments.


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