Momentum. Want Some?

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Do you respect momentum? It fascinates me. Whether it comes to play in the form of a new cleanse for optimal health, an exercise program, or business success.

Momentum is powerful!

When it sweeps in, you can sometimes feel the wave within your core. Do you know the feeling that I’m talking about?

It got me wondering where does it come from, and how do we get some?

Where does momentum come from?

I think momentum is a lot like spirituality, it’s something caught, not taught. There is an energy, a vibration, a surge of motion.

Have you ever noticed when you are in the presence of a passionate person, high on life, active, making things fructify, it gives you a boost, an immediate injection of “let’s do it!”?

Take riding a bike. Initially, when you start to peddle it feels like a lot of work. But before long, after a few deep huffs and puffs later you notice an effortless glide is taking place. Your energy and persistence created its own force… and a perpetuating one at that.

Now, the momentum wave doesn’t last forever, just like the breezy coasting of cycling — that’s where the “how do we get some” part comes in.

How do we get momentum?

For me, when the self-generated propensity stills, connecting with people really living it out gives me the enthusiasm and strength to give whatever is in front of me my all.

Illumination begins with just one spark.

Here are a couple of my favorite ways:
❥ Participating in a local networking group.
❥ Connecting with interesting Meetups in your area (or starting one of your own).
❥ Joining a Facebook group to cultivate online relationships with like-minded individuals.
❥ Volunteering to give back to the community.
❥ Listening to inspirational podcasts.

I’ve heard “success loves speed” and somewhat agree. But, what resonates, even more, is honoring momentum when the wave comes in, riding it to it’s fullest, resting in the passive cycle, and keeping an eye on the horizon until the next one comes.

This is by far inert.

Momentum is all about movement, velocity, and drive. When you match your emotions and actions to the quality of what you are desiring, you are bound to harmonize with it in a big way.

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