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My Experience Having a Business Coach

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Having a business coach changed my 2018.

I attribute productivity, focus, goal setting, accountability, and progress to having a business coach.

Yes! That’s a powerful statement, but it’s true.

Because, when we are left to our devices it’s all too easy to get distracted, have the best intentions, and produce at half-speed because it’s “good enough.”

You know you need a coach when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Like you are putting in your best efforts but don’t really seem to be progressing forward.

That’s what I was feeling at the top of last year.

I started doing some market research for my own coaching business. And searched some of the top Facebook groups where women solopreneurs were hanging out.

I was listening to their experiences of having various coaches (health, money mindset, spirituality, business) and was gleaning a lot of valuable insight.

And then it dawned on me, this sounds like exactly what I need!

It’s funny, I was already doing business coaching on my own, with no support. But you know when the time is right, and you’re ready to go to the next level and BOOM! Things just click into place.

So I invested in a professional coach for one-on-one sessions.

What a game changer!

I immediately had a surge of extra energy, clarity, and focus. I was like, this must be how my clients feel…why didn’t I put this into place for myself earlier!

Over the course of several months, we worked on structural things like the user experience on the website, messaging, writing effective copy, new pricing, and coaching package structure.

It was uber helpful to have an expert pair of eyes looking at my content.

Sometimes, much to my surprise, I had to re-work copy 4 times! It was a super learning lesson to flip the tables and understand how the reader was experiencing my content.

What seemed so clear to me, at times had a tendency to come off as jargon or vague.

This really started to anchor in the power of coaching for me — both as a coach and as a coachee.

And then I read The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin. My mind was blown again!

I started looking for another coach, now that some of the basics were really in place.

I wanted to find a coach that had a similar outlook to mine — sharp business strategies coupled with insight and aligned marketing values.

After several weeks of research, I found one! I attended his live event specifically for coaches. I liked how he had narrowed his niche specifically to coach other coaching professionals. It was a good fit.

Looking back at 2018, I accomplished a lot in my business!

In a nutshell, here are some of the highlights of 2018:

  • Lived the laptop lifestyle by working remotely on the Big Island of Hawaii for a solid month with my bestie!
  • After a year of procrastination, did my first Facebook Live! And since pressed “go live” 39 more times!
  • Created my first Meetup — Solopreneur Support for Success and grew it to 80 local members.
  • Conducted 9 Free Meetups on topics like Turn Your Passion Into ProfitsHow to Optimize Your Facebook Page, and How To Grow Your Email List.
  • Invested in 11 business building programs/workshops. My motto is always to stay on the cutting edge of what’s going on in your industry and always keep learning.
  • Wrote 16 blogs.
  • Set-up my first video studio (hello learning curve).
  • Started a podcast — Women Developing Brilliance.
  • Interviewed 24 amazing women entrepreneurs for the podcast — published on Apple iTunes, Google podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Buzzsprout.
  • Summarized the highlights of every podcast episode on a dedicated Vlog.
  • Signed 11 new clients which kept me coaching full-time with a full roster all year long.
  • Went on a meditation retreat to fill my cup & recharge the batteries.
  • Published 6 articles for the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.
  • Was a guest on 2 syndicated radio shows.
  • Had an article about my success featured across major networks like ABC, NBC, and FOX.
  • Hosted 91 nights at my Airbnb rental.
  • Traveled to 294 cities (thank you Google timeline!)
  • Filled countless journals with a’ha moments, lessons learned, and deep thoughts. And so much more!

I list this out as a testament to the power of coaching.

What I personally found by having a business coach was that I was dedicated to improve, meet the goals outlined, and stay the course because I had someone holding the space for my success, cheering me on, and keeping track of seeing if I accomplished what I said I was going to. Plus having skin in the game (financial investment) added a sense of positive resistance to perform.

In the Kaizen spirit, a Japanese philosophy of always be improving, I will forever have a coach in my life.

How about you? Have you experienced the power of coaching? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience. Leave me a note in the comments below.

If not, but you’re curious, request a complimentary Strategy Session with me.

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