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My Favorite Online Tools for Solopreneurs

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Save time, money, and frustration with these hand-picked business tools.

No matter if you are just starting out in business or have been at it for a while, utilizing a catalog of online tools is a must-have resource for any solopreneur. Whether you are trying to DIY your graphics, effectively communicate with your team, or project manage like a wizard — there’s an app for that!

One of the keys is to not get overwhelmed.

My best advice is to prioritize the one area that you need the most support on right now in your business and learn the tool that best fits your needs. Once it’s implemented and you’re comfortable with it, then proceed down the list and continue on.

Soon, you’ll be navigating like a PRO and wonder how you lived without these tools!

Here is a guide to my favorite online resources that I’ve been using for years. There are hundreds of choices out there for online business management. I’m recommending those that I use in my business on a daily basis, and have had excellent results with.



LegalZoom can help you with everything from setting up your LLC to registering a trademark. I’ve used them to incorporate my current business, as well as set-up a former LLC. They walk you through the process and take the fear out of “becoming official.”

Rocket Lawyer

They have a beautiful collection of legal forms and a user-friendly interface to customize them to meet your specific needs. I’ve used them for business contracts, to craft a lease, and have it on my list to create my last will and testament.

Merchant Services


An online payment processor so you can accept all major credit cards. Safe, secure, and free to set-up. I have them connected with my scheduling app and my learning management system so everything is streamlined and funneling through one payment gateway.


A popular and safe payment processor. It’s easy to create a free account and set-up your own custom payment buttons when you’re first getting started. Within an hour, you can have everything ready to go and embed your unique “Buy Now” buttons on your website. I like to have PayPal as a payment option for my clients because some people prefer to pay by just logging into PayPal vs. pulling out their credit card.


QuickBooks Online

I have used QuickBooks for years. It’s a well-thought-out accounting platform that lets me keep track of all of my clients, invoice, connect with my business checking, and reconcile in a snap. When I had a brick and mortar company, I utilized QuickBooks for my payroll needs as well. It uses a “double entry” system which is the gold standard and accountant preferred.

Business Management

Google Drive

I love Google! I use them for my email service and create everything from documents to spreadsheets to survey forms.

I especially love that after each client session, it’s a snap to create a folder and pop in a copy of our recorded session, client actions, and coaching highlights. I can share with one-click and provide my client with a link to view our full archive of coaching calls. It’s super efficient!


Typeform is a fantastic tool to create online surveys, forms, contact us pages and more. I use them for my testimonial forms and contact me page. I love that I get an email notification whenever someone submits the form. It’s easy to get started and they have a free tier.

Acuity Scheduling

As a coach, it’s imperative to have a fast and efficient scheduling tool. I like Acuity because there’s an option to have my client set their time zone so there’s no confusion on when we’re meeting, that it integrates with my payment processor and that I can attach a custom form per appointment time.

They have a ton of features so you can program exactly how you want to run your business calendar and set-up automated emails which save me a ton of time and hassle. I wouldn’t be without it!


Dropbox has been a trusted source of mine for years. I store everything from important images to shared client folders to my website database backup files. I have it automatically synced to my laptop so it’s super easy to stay organized and gives me peace of mind that I can always access my work from anywhere.


I’ve been using Trello since 2014 and love it! It allows me to have multiple boards per client and keep track of exactly what we are working on. You can have several members on a project, direct message, add files, etc. It’s the best way to keep track of the priorities, what’s been crossed off the list, and a record of tasks accomplished.


Slack is an online messaging app for teams. It’s perfect to keep your channels professional and searchable. You can upload files, integrate it with Trello (and other apps), and keep a single workspace for your crew. I’ve used it to create launch specific channels as well, which keeps everyone on the same page, plus gives the team a space to share wins in real time.


If you have a virtual assistant or other team members fielding your email, then I recommend ZenDesk. It allows agents to manage your email and social channels, plus has a live chat feature that you can embed on your website to offer “in the moment service” to your web visitors. I’ve been on a team who solely used ZenDesk to field all its messages. It’s an efficient way to monitor everything that’s coming in or out of your business, analytics on response time, and an option to create an FAQ resource so your customers feel like you’ve thought of everything.



I love Kajabi and will be writing an in-depth article on them soon. But for now, suffice it to say that this all-in-one knowledge commerce platform can’t be beaten! I use it currently for my learning management system, email marketing platform, lead generator, and more. Bottom line, you eliminate the need for like 6 different products when you utilize Kajabi. One log-in, seamless interface, branding continuity, and amazing support — it doesn’t get much better than that!

I hope you enjoyed the above listing. Click here to see and save the full guide. There are 24 more tried and true online tools that will optimize your business + help prevent the gray hairs!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I‘ll earn a small commission. I only recommend products and services that I’ve tested personally and have had great results with.

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