Overcoming Self-Objections to Solopreneur Self-Care

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How to overcome your objections to self-care

As business owners, we can run ourselves ragged!

Who can relate?

The days fly by without notice of how many hours we’re spending in front of the computer, sitting at a desk, cruising around, whatever it may be.

Our heads are buried in paperwork, our “to do” lists, our scroll. It’s so easy to neglect to tune into our bodies, minds, and especially heart with this kind of routine.

So how do we change it?

How can we stay uber-productive AND have time to care for ourselves?

First, we have to overcome our self-objections to self-care.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “Oh, a massage…that’s indulgent.” OR “Sounds nice, but I just don’t have it in the budget.” OR “I feel guilty or selfish when I pencil in ‘me’ time.”

These statements are not true. They are from critical beliefs; patterns that have lodged themselves in our brain. Thoughts that can be restructured to serve our best interests.

Because the reality is:

  • Massage is not indulgent. It has a multitude of benefits from stress and anxiety reduction, to improved circulation, to lowering blood pressure. I find it a “medical” necessity.
  • Non-critical budget items can be swapped. I get financial limiters. However, in most cases, there is usually an option to swap out a non-critical budget item for another. Maybe it’s brewing your coffee at home vs. ordering that Grande Latte @ $6/day. Alternatively, you may be able to exchange your product/service with a local LMT, life coach, etc..
  • Self-care is not selfish. If you’re not healthy and fulfilled how can you serve? Whether it’s caring for your clients, providing for your children, or being a loving partner — Once we are in balance, our reach is much more optimal and benevolent.

Ok, now that we’ve got our mind “on board” what’s next?

Routine is your friend

I like the routine. Not the “getting stuck in a rut” type of routine, but the dedicated time/space allotment kind. Here are some of my favorite simple and effective ways to honor our body and spirit.

1. Drink deliciously spiked water (spiked with fruit or vegetables that is!)

You may be thinking what does this have to do with self-care, but it has a lot to do with it. Water keeps things flowing — body and mind. It’s hydrating and fluid nature helps to soften other aspects of ourselves as well.

The Five Elements Theory in Chinese Medicine states that the Water Element is calming, helps us to self-introspect, and articulate. I’ve always found water images extremely relaxing and serene.

I love to spike H20 with slices of organic ginger, cherries, or cucumber. Try it…it’s so delicious!

2. Schedule it to make it real

Pencil in your self-care like you would that “must watch” webinar! If it’s yoga that gets you into the groove, purchase a package so you are more apt to use it. If it’s a massage that makes you go Ahh, get your appointments on the books, say the last Friday of each month. You get the idea. When we get into the habit of scheduling our downtime, it’s so much easier to rest into the idea. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to!

3. Take a break on your break

So you’re going to take a break, what’s the first thing that you do? Grab your phone? Jump on personal email?

I strongly encourage you to truly take a break. Maybe it’s closing your eyes to ease computer strain, stretching/breathing, taking a quick walk around outside, or sipping a hot cup of tea with no devices around.

We have plenty of stimuli throughout our day. Using your break as a dedicated “mini-me” time will revive you deeply.

Don’t worry, Facebook will still be there.

So, my friend, I challenge you to journal some of your favorite self-care items that make you feel relaxed, appreciated, and invigorated. Then, schedule it. And lastly, let me know when it’s complete in the comments below.

When we respect ourselves in this way, we show up to the world as our best selves. And that’s worth it!

Until next time…breathe joy,

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