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Re-Launching with Hilary DeCesare

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When we become busy with our life (taking care of the family, relationships, earning a living, etc), we usually tend to set aside our dreams & interests, and eventually even forget about them.

When the time comes that our responsibilities lessen or we’re ready for a pivot, it’s helpful to have professional guidance (especially when limiting beliefs are involved).

Hilary DeCesare is a transformational coach, award-winning entrepreneur, and CEO of the Relaunch company. Hilary is on a mission to help fire up possibilities for people who are in the middle of their lives. To help them succeed in gaining the clarity and confidence they need to move forward to claim opportunities they might have previously missed. 

In this episode, Hilary and I talk about how to stop living on auto-pilot. We also discuss how limiting beliefs can sabotage momentum. Plus, she shares invaluable steps on how you can ReLaunch your life. 

Conversation Highlights — 

2:00 How to not live your life in auto-pilot

3:59 Can you really do a Relaunch even if you're already in your midzone (40's, 50's) that you even think you got no clue what you wanted anymore 

5:26 Steps you can take to reignite your own life, your interest, and your own identity

8:27 What if it's the emotional aspect that's holding you back

12:35 Why do people who are in a relationship or people who chose their career first, experience relationship upheaval 

14:24 How to prevent overwhelm when you decided to uplevel areas of your life simultaneously

21:10 How Hilary keeps her energy at an optimal state every day 

24:14 The Commitment, Opportunity, Result, and Energy C.O.R.E system to ReLaunch, explained. 


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