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Sara Eisenberg: A Life of Practice

In this episode, Kc talks with Sara Eisenberg.

Sara Eisenberg is a healer, herbalist, activist and elder. A life-long learner, Sara draws on her many years of questioning, practice, training, and experience as a guide, facilitator and educator in community, academic, and spiritually-based settings. She is the founder of A Life of Practice, her online home where she integrates her work in Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Herbal Medicine and Radical Inclusion with A Life of Practice©. She meets with clients in her Baltimore office and online.

Many significant life experiences took place around the same time for Sara, and during that time those experiences led her to healing and herbal studies, which brought her more deeply into her body and the body of the world than she thought possible. With the Freddy Gray uprising in Baltimore in 2015 and the 2016 election, Sara has circled around, researching, experimenting on herself and in community to apply the consciousness tools of her healing path to the inner work of race and gender - Radical Inclusion: the stories that divide us from ourselves even before they divide us from one another.

In this episode Kc and Sara Discuss:

Tapping Into Your Internal Purpose - Are you making the space to quiet down and listen to yourself? Hear more about what your space might look like and the many benefits of showing up for yourself.

What Can Perfectionists Do To Develop Self-Trust? Kindness. Sara discusses how a few kind words can cut through the noise. Learn more about why kindness and honesty help quiet the voices we have picked up along the way and how to use them in balance.

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing - What is it and how its nondual ideals and how it lets us discover more of who we are, what we might be missing, how the universe is based on relationships, and the dynamics of giving and receiving.

What Are Sipping Practices? Learn more about how to stay present, how to translate what you're learning and how it can apply to your growth.

How To Do The Inner Work - What is radical inclusion? Learn how it allows us to see our own identities and how they play out in our own lives, and how these feelings translate into our own feelings and behaviors. We can create a space for the exchange of our own stories and listen to the stories of others.

How Can We Nourish Our Yearnings? Women often find themselves putting the needs of others before themselves. How can we shift this mindset to learn to nourish ourselves first so we can then take care of others?

Connect with Sara here.

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