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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can all have an evergreen funnel that enables us to be in our zone of genius and be an effective CEO in our business?


My guest today is Kate Kordsmeier. Kate was a full-time freelance journalist for over 125 magazines, newspapers, and websites, including USA Today, eating well, and cooking light. After having a few health challenges back in 2015, Kate embarked on a holistic wellness journey and then started blogging about it. That blog actually created a very profitable business for her. And she developed the six-figure blog Academy. So now she helps women with actionable advice and inspirational content to help them turn their purpose into profits with an online business.




In this episode, Kate gives some juicy details about evergreen funnels which you don’t want to miss. She also talks about the power of blogging and how wrong it is to think that nobody reads blogs anymore. 


Episode Highlights:

4:59 The importance of knowing what you can and can’t do.

6:34 How evergreen funnel works

9:09 The experience of hiring your first hire

16:03 Managing your SEO Optimization

19:03 Busting the myth that blogging is dead and people don't read blogs anymore

21:44  Hero style pitching

25:52 You don’t need to follow everyone else just because you see that they’re successful



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